Monday, April 28, 2008

Expensive taste (2)

It happened again. This morning as I was hugging my smelly ol'bolster... (ya ya, laugh all you want!). I suddenly heard Mrs B's jewelry box playing, you know, that kind of irritating ding-a-ling wind up music box type, ding-a-ling ding-a-ling into your ears. Suddenly SueAnne came running to me, poking me in the stomach trying to wake me up.

SueAnne: Daddy, daddy, I want this!

B69: *pretending to be groggy, open one eye... OMG! That's Mrs B's mikimoto necklace that I bought for our 8th Anniversary!* Errr, no no darling. That's mummy's necklace. Put back, put back.

SueAnne: But I want... I don't have.... I wantttt hooorrrrr.... *sweetly*

B69: No no, that's mummy's...

SueAnne then ran into the bathroom where Mrs B was taking her bath.

SueAnne: Mummmmyyyy! Mummmmyyy! Can I have this?

Mrs B: What? *Open shower door* No! That's mummy's. Put it back!

SueAnne: But I don't have woooorrr! I want wooorrrr...

Mrs B: Put back! Put back!

SueAnne dutifully came out of the bathroom and went back to the jewelry box - rummage rummage. Girls! It's in their genes, right?

Mrs B: *came out from the bathroom* SueAnne, stop playing with my things.

SueAnne: See mummy? *she took out her "dog tag" which we bought for her when she was one year old* See See? My one broke already wooorrr. *no chain* I want this one *mikimoto*

Mrs B: Daddddddyyyyyy!!! What genes have you given to your daughter, huh?

B69: hehehe *goes back and hug his ol'smelly bolster*

Buaya69 says,"Next, must get SueAnne to ask for a PS2, muahahahar!" :P


mama bok said...


mumsgather said...

I just came by here to wish Mrs B a Happy Mother's Day cos I don't know where else to find her. Hehe.

Buaya69 said...

mama bok: *gives mama bok the evil stare* heh! :D

MG: Happy mummy's day to you too! ;)

Gene Lim said...

ahahahaha...hey MrB.. u should tell mrsB u give SueAnne high quality gene ;)
Happy Belated Mother's Day to MrsB.

mrs b said...

mumsgather: thanks for your wishes: happy mother's day to you too: blessed is she who nurtures and enjoys her babes :)

gene: thanks dear, happy mom's day to you too. Hang in there with your studies, ok, you will surely be glad for a lifetime when the mugging part is over