Friday, November 10, 2006

8th Anniversary

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words...

That blue Mikimoto box

Gift#1 - Stainless steel Mikimoto compact mirror

Another view of the compact mirror - comes with it's own velvet pouch

Gift#2 - finally, bought Mrs B the real thing. An Akoya pearl pendant in silver.

And the first to congratulate me was my credit card's fraud officer, "Mr Buaya, did you just purchased XXXX amount at Mikimoto?".

Tomorrow, the Belacan family will be going up to Genting Highlands for the weekend. Good time for some R&R. No, not Rest & Relax but rather Romance & Rejoicing. ;)


lucia said...

wah! lucky mrs b to have such a loving and generous hubby... oh ya and romantic too. :)

Jason said...

Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Belacan. ;)

And that thing is totally awesome. Nice choice, Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Mrs. B! May the good Lord blesses both of you with neverending romance and rejoicing!

Oooo....I wonder how Mrs. B is going to repay for that beautiful pendant... ;)
(5xmom who cannot remember her password)

Wingz said...

brader happy anniversary!! 7 yrs itch over ledi anot??!! lol

Gene Lim said...

Congratulations Mr.&Mrs B.... have a great time at Genting :)
Lucky Mrs B!!!

Mama BoK said...

Congrats.. to both on your 8th Anniversary..!

mumsgather said...

Congrats! Like wingz mentioned. Congratulations on passing your 7 year itch marriage development milestone. Hehe.

dobbs said...

Wishing you and the missus a very Happy Anniversary :)

Mama22Beas said...

Nice gifts Mrs B got there...Happy Anniversary to you both:)

Belacan said...

lucia: nah, me not a romantic. dun believe, go ask Mrs B *cough*

Jason: thanks bro :)

Lilian: actually, this is more like repaying Mrs B! She already did so much for me and the kids :)

Wingz: bruder, for some Buaya's, it will always be 7th Year Itch! bwahahaha! *oops... <_<... >_>*

Gene: hehe, should be lucky Mr B to get Mrs B ;)

Mama Bok: tq tq tq!

MG: somewhere in this blogosphere, the itch is still continuing... *cough cough* heh! :P

dobbs: thanks! :)

mama: no ler, something quite affordable. didn't have to burst the bank account ;)

Pinky said...

Gosh - wish my hubby would do the same instead of dinner and dinner and more dinner every year. Although it is well known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You can't say the same for women. At the rate my Harry Winston bracelet is never going to materialise even on our golden anniversary *lol*

CrazyGrrl's Blog said...

congratulations!! may u 2 happy happy selalu!! :D

mdmafia said...

Congrats on yr anniversary! I hope all is well with the family! Lovely gift! :)

Egghead said...

LOL! your credit card can't even believe you bought that :P
Happy 7th anniversary bro!