Monday, May 12, 2008

Pray soften the hearts of the Myanmar Generals

Today, I had a good breakfast. Today, I had a good lunch, albeit late. Today, I am planning for tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow and so forth but....


Today, I am praying for the safety and well-being of the acquintances that Mrs B and I made when we were in Yangon in 1996. To Catherine and her family, and her colleagues at the UNDP Yangon office, our prayers goes to you and to all of Myanmar. May the Lord shine his face upon you.

Printed news don't pack that much impact as televised news, especially those taken clandestinely by the foreign journalists. It really pains my heart to watch a 4yo girl saying that her mother has died and her 2yo brother crying out non-stop from the trauma. It really pains to hear a father saying that his son and his son's sons and family have all drowned.

May the Generals of Myanmar have some "commoner" sense and let international relief get to where it needs to get to. Let it not be like DPRK, where the furthest you can go to with food relief is the Port of Nampho.

Donate what you can, the clock is ticking, but most of all, pray that the hearts of the Generals are soften...

Breaking news:
Earthquake 7.8 at Sichuan province.

Buaya69 prays...

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doc said...

Been following the news. And suddenly I can't. Thanks to assholes.