Friday, April 18, 2008

Expensive taste

Last Sunday, as I was lazing on my ol'ex-display Ikea chair, flipping through the Motor Trader....

SueAnne: Daddy, watcha doin?

Me: Looking at cars... dreaming...

SueAnne: Daddy, I like car.

Me: Good, daddy like cars too.

SueAnne: I want to see cars!

Me: Ok ok, come up to daddy (so I picked her up to sit on my lap)

SueAnne: Daddddyyyyy!!! I want THIS car!

Me: Huh? No, you cannot have THAT car. How about THIS OTHER car?

SueAnne: Hmmmm.... (think think think)... (sweet tone)... no no daddyyyy, (smile smile)... I want THIS (point point) car. (smile smile) Can lar daddy??? (smile smile charm charm)

Source: Paultan.org

Me: -_-"""

OMG! Me lil'3 yo girl can charm charm already!

And where in the world did she learn to want THAT car? It's a bloody expensive car (in Malaysia). It would take me ages to pay off the instalments for a BMW 5 series. Wait a minute... I don't think I can even afford to pay the 10% deposit, heh!

Anyway, me lil'girl's future boyfriend/hubby better be prepared. Looks like I am raising a lil'girl that naturally has expensive tastes. Now, where did those genes come from? HEH!

Buaya69 says, "Dear, this Beemer is not for me, honest! ya, right....." :P


mama bok said...

Clever gal..!

Buaya69 said...

mama bok: oi! stop encouraging my gal, heh! :P :P :P

shky said...

Aha.......commercialisation at work here eh? Beemer ok mah.......at least not Porsche kekekeke

Buaya69 said...

shky: you just wait ler. nanti I tell him to ask daddy for a ferrari, muahahahaahr! :P