Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mrs B's birthday present

Note to readers - Mrs B's birthday was LAST MONTH. This is really a belated post, oops!

A few months ago...

Mrs B: dear, my birthday is coming. I warn you, don't go get me anything, ok? I don't need presents, ok? Don't go get me some Mikimoto's again, got it? *gives stare of death*

Me: Sure sure, ok ok, promise.....

Mrs B: Sure?

Me: yes *wink wink* definitely... :P

Much much much later......

Me: OMG! Tomorrow is Mrs B's birthday! I have been so busy I have forgotten about it! Die Die Die! Wait a minute... I remembered her saying "No more pressies", heh! But I think I will still surprise her... :P

That evening, I was going to attend a wedding dinner at Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Since I had time, I walked over to Starhill shopping centre. Now, this is a place where I am totally not familiar with. I had not set foot into Starhill for more than 2 years. Why? Because things here are superduper upmarket. The last time I was here was due to Tangs closing down sale. Yup, I am super kedekut. I am definitely worthy of the title "Accountant", hah! :P

As I was jalan-jalan-ing in Starhill, trying to spot anything nice and el-cheapo on the wallet, a shop that I wanted to go in for sometime loomed ahead. I recalled that when I was last in Brunei, I went into their branch there and walked out within 3 minutes. The cheapest thing there was RM2,000 after conversion, yikes!

Back here, I took a deep breathe and walked in, and immediately spotted a nice handbag thinking "that would look nice on my Mrs B". Held it, looked into the space... feels good, has enough space for all her barang-barang yet looks elegant, I LIKE!

OK, then sloooowwwllllly, I looked for the price tag.....

OMG! It was affordable! I can't believe it!


Ladies and gentlemen, Jim Thompson silk handbags are not that pricey, really. And they are darn elegant. Really really looks good on my Mrs B ;)

At home....

Mrs B: Oh no, you shouldn't have....

Me: Too late, sudah beli. Happy birthday, muacks! Nah, ambik.


Mrs B: ok, hoowww muuccchhh?

Me: Cheap! Well, not THAT cheap but worth it all.

Mrs B: annnndddddd?

Me: aiyah, you ar! Ok lar, it's almost RM300, happy?

Mrs B: Izzit? Ok ok, now I am double-ly happy, muacks! *Hugz & kisses*

That's what you get when you have two ACCOUNTANTS married to one another, heh!

BTW, I think I am setting a bad example to me girls. They saw the whole thing and was like "wah, daddy nice! sooo niceee! I wannntttt! 111111". I must remember to say sorry to their future husbands, heh!

Buaya69 says, "Happy birthday dear, love you lotz, muacks!"


Jasonmumbles said...

Mr. B pulled it off again. Heh!

Happy belated birthday, Mrs. B.

Pinky said...

Yes, Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs B and I totally agree with Mr B - Jim Thompson bags and accessories are elegant and affordable! I got myself a couple of stuff from their shops in Phuket and Cameron Highlands for myself and Jeremy. Even Brain bought a T-shirt for Jeremy when he was in Phuket a couple of months back.

Btw, Mr B - you are apparently the community's favourite daddy blogger and your blog is featured in the November issue of Mummy and Baby - do check it out. It's available at MPH and I just read the article an hour ago *lol*

Buaya69 said...

jason: no lar, it's me who pulled it off. My Mrs B very the "safe money for kids" type one, hehehe

pinky: i think brainy should go buy you that harry winston ler, muahahahahar! *hide from brainy*

hmmm, must go ask my MPH contacts for a free copy, bwahahaha! :P

mama bok said...

Happy belated birthday.. Mrs B..! and you are so sweeetttt.. Mr B..!!! lots of brownie points for you ..!!