Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flik Flak

Suzanne: Daddy, my watch cannot work already.

B69: Again? OK, which watch is it this time? The Barbie one?

Suzanne: *sheepishly* yes... the Barbie one, but but it's not my fault! It stopped working *tears swelling in eyes*

B69: There there, daddy is not going to scold you. OK, I will buy you a new watch and this time, a good watch, ok?

Suzanne: OK :)

Last Saturday at Mid-Valley's Swatch outlet....

B69: OK, here are the kids selection. Go and choose one that you like.

Suzanne: Wah, so many. I like this one... no, this one nicer... ermmm... maybe this one...

B69: *after a quick scan of the price tags* Come here Suzanne, how about this one?

Suzanne: Wahhhhhhh, soooo nicceeee. I like I like I like. :) :) :)

B69: *phew* Sure or not? If yes, daddy buy one, ok?

Suzanne: Yes, I like it.

SueAnne: I oso want.... THIS ONE! *pointing to another watch next to Suzanne's selection*

B69: Errr... ok lar ok lar, daddy also buy for little SueAnne. Both of you don't fight fight, ok? *What is a 3 yo going to do with a watch? aiyah!*

*kaching kaching swipe card, SYT sales girl smiling sweetly....*

B69: OK, you two, go wear your watches now. *SYT girl wore for Suzanne while I put the watch on for SueAnne*

About 5 minutes later, Mrs B walked into the shop....

Suzanne: Mummy mummy, see what daddy bought for me? *point point to new watch*

Mrs B: *gasp* Daddyyyy...?

SueAnne: Mummy, I got oso!

Mrs B: *double gasp* Daddddyyyyyy???

B69: Errr, according to our agreement, anything below RM500 does not require two to agree, right? Soooo, they are below RM500... *cough cough*

Mrs B: How much? *gives stare of death while at the same time wants to hug and kiss B69*

B69: errr, not telling, hehehe

Suzanne: Mummy mummy, I tell I tell! Neh, price over there. *points to display*

B69: *Aiyak!*

Mrs B: Oh, that much only? *Smiles to B69, ok, you can escape this time*

Got me gals a Flik Flak each. Initially wanted to buy for Suzanne only but SueAnne, the 3 yo vain pot of the house, also wants a watch of her own, haiyar!

The Flik Flaks came with 2 years warranty and the best part is, they are machine washable! If you need to know, they cost RM110 each. And for this accountant, they are better value for money that all those RM50 - RM70 Barbie/Mickey watches that works for less than 6 months. And btw, that's how I justified the buy to Mrs B, hehehe

Buaya69 says, "I've got time.. well, almost..."


Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Wah...so lucky your kids! So young get Swatch d...times have changed *sob sob*!

I got my first Swatch only at 12 years old. That also have to get all As for UPSR.

Che-Cheh said...

Wah super cute watch. I like hahaha

mumsgather said...

My kids are still spotting their RM10 ones woh. Still working.... Hehehe. Better not let Mrs. B hear hor?

zara's mama said...

And if the wife's watch is spoilt.. can also wear the kiddos'.. :P

TheDato' Fazly said...

hahaha... thx god im not a parent... Mrs B is rilly garang

A Mom's Diary said...

wah, your girls' watches cost as much as mine...lucky girls.

irene said...

I am 29 and I have never had a swatch! *cries*

Buaya69 said...

lil' ms pinky: ahem, i'm sure you will be giving yours a 1st Class flight, right? way better than a watch, hehehe

che-cheh: harlo! lama tak jumpa!

MG: shhhh... heh! what to do? when my girls merayu-rayu, i sure lembik one :P

zara's mama: bwahahaha! no more Omega's! hmmm... :D :D :D

fazly: if wifey tak garang sedikit, mana ada oommpph? you will know later bila kahwin kelak, hehehe

mom's diary: yah, and i'm gonna make them save for their next one. buy your own watches/dolls/toys policy, muahahahahar! *evil daddy*

irene: tat's coz you are eyeing that cartier..... :P

mama bok said...

Hey.. Mr B,
Yer kids are really lucky.. and blessed.. ;)
Chloe only gets those dollar store watches.. muahhahaha!!
Sorry.. mummy and papa .. el cheapo here.. ;)