Tuesday, November 13, 2007

De-malling my kiddos

Buaya69 tip on "How to de-mall your kids". Maybe I should be a guest writer on Dr James Dobson, bwahahahaha! :P

Two weeks ago...

B69: Suzanne, SueAnne... where do you want to go tomorrow? Midvalley? Ikea? Pavillion?

Suz: DOWAN! DOWAN! We want to go swimming!

Sue: Swimming! I want!

B69: Sure or not? No shopping?

Suz: No shopping. Swimming! And then library.

Sue: Lie-blur-lii, I like! (Yoda speak, how cute!)

B69: But daddy want shopping wor (pleading with "puppy" eyes, drama king in action)

Suz & Sue: SWIMMING!!!

B69: Ok ok, you win. We go swimming & then go library, ok? (hehehe, I wonder who the real winner is...)

After looking around for some time, I recently joined Tropicana Club. It was Mrs B who recommended the place and the deciding factor was the pools, all 3 of them. Joining the club has indeed been one of the better things we have done as a family this year.

Mrs B looks after SueAnne at the baby pool while I normally take Suzanne to the big pool. With the arm floaters, she can practically kick all that she wants. We recently developed a new game where I get to swim while bonding with her - by giving her a piggy ride as l swim breaststroke. 3 year old SueAnne is still confined to the baby pool. She's slowly getting used to the water but this lil'prima donna gets irritated everytime water gets into her eyes, hahaha!

The girls are also learning early from Mrs B on being, well, a woman. My dearest will make sure the girls get a healthy dollop of sunscreen before entering the pool. And just last week, Mrs B spent RM75 to get SueAnne a Kids Banz sun hat and shades combo. I cakap sama lu, these are way way more expensive than my goggles but I must admit, SueAnne is the hottest babe in the baby pool, bwahahaha!

And if you think that swimming will motivate da Buaya to loose his natural fats (a.k.a. flabs), au contraire, I'm feeling quite good about myself coz 70% of the men at the pool are fatter than me! Muahahahahar! Ok ok, sigh... that's a denial stage talk.... I need to loose my flabs, cis! :P :D

Buaya69 asks... "Hey, how come no SYT babes at the pool wan? All sked of buaya meh? Aiyah!"


mama bok said...

Swimming is definitely better than shopping.. ;)

Buaya69 said...

mamabok: agreed agreed, but where have all the hot bikini babes gone to? hehehe :P

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