Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Exterminator (Part 2 of 3)

The next day (Sunday), the whole Belacan family went window shopping after church. We came back at 5.30 pm.

B: Wahlaueh, so tired...

Mrs B: I go make us a drink. What do you want?

B: I will have whatever you are having.

* at the kicthen*

Mrs B: DEAR! Come quick! there are a lot a big red ants here!

B: *rushes over to Mrs B* wahlaueh! I have never seen these red ants in our house before. Small black ants and the other smaller one ada lar... but not this.

Mrs B: whatever (rolls eyes).... can you do something about this? *hands folded*

B: ok ok.

* the red ants... strange... some of them are dead! Must have kena the exterminators insectide and are now running away from Meow's house. Hmmm, where are they coming from ar? Check sini check sana, then removed a plastic covering some electrical wires in the kitchen wall .... *

B: FULAT! So many red ants! They are making a nest in the opening of this wall! *takes Mortein and spray spray spray* DIE ANTS! DIEEEEE!

*clean clean clean*

Mrs B: dear, kautim already ar?

B: Ya, sprayed them until mati liao. But this means that the termites may just be on the way here wor... *shudders*

Mrs B: ya lor, we better get the exterminator to come soon.

B: ok ok. now i know why i see those flying insects that turn into termites (called Alates) so often. they came from our crazy neighbour! now also i know why she threw out those furniture. i heard her spraying insecticide before she trashed those cabinets. sigh.... i should have known....

Later, I checked on the internet and found that alates only flys out of the colony once the colony has reached an age of 3 - 5 years. FULAT! Since 5 years ago, I have regularly seen these flying alates in my house during the rainy season! That can only mean... that the termite colony is at least 8 years old.... Dius!

(To be continued - next, when the exterminator came a knocking)


Egghead said...

to safeguard yourself from termites, get the drill hole package one... coz they actually drill very deep holes (1 feet apart along all the walls), then they pump the poison inside the hole b4 they cover it back up..
those poison they apply on the floor or cabinet surface only won't kill termites but other insects like cockroaches and ants :P

Gene Lim said...

wowwwww.... lotsa things to do eh..well, makesure u got all the house check and get rid off all the nest and family..etc.

Belacan said...

egghead: thanks for the info bro.

genelim: done already. that's why i "shake legs shake legs" now, hehehe