Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Exterminator (Part 1)

One saturday afternoon, as I stepped out of the gate to throw rubbish:

Meow: (my neighbour) Hoi Belacan!

B: huh? hi meow! how are you?

Meow: Ok ok. Hey, got time ar? Need to show you something.

B: Ok, coming coming. *walks over to their house, two doors away*

Meow: Come in come in. I want to show you something

*walks into their living room*

Meow: hey, I want to warn you. You better check your house for termites. You see my floor? *points to their laminated wood platform* The side skirtings all kena anai-anai already ar.

B: OMG! You serious ar? I thought you treated your house before moving in?

Meow: Yeah, we did! I can even show you the holes the exterminators made in the house, and they come every two months too.

B: Wah, in that case how come can kena termites one?

Meow: From the neighbour between us lor! Just now the exterminators came and found a hole in the wall. The termites came from their house lar. And when the exterminators pumped their insecticides into that hole, it wouldn't fill up! Normally it would, and that's how big that termite hole is!

B: Mama mia!!! So once you treated this hole, sure the termites will lari to my house one! OMG!

Meow: ya ya, that's why I warn you now.

B: Good good. Thanks a million. You got the contact for the exterminator?

Meow: Got got. *writes on paper* Here, you can call this guy.

B: Ok ok. Thanks.

*went back home*

B: Dear! Our neighbour, the Meows, kena termites lar. Apparently it came from our Crazy Woman's house.

Mrs B: Izzit? Wah, we better get treated soon.

B: ya ya. I will call the exterminators to come in.

(To be continued)


zbjernak said...

meow komplot with the terminator is it?

may b 2 houses do together ada diskaun...

anyway...wish u luck

itulah dia ....put more wood platform lah...wood laminating lah....ehheehhehe

put all stainles steel...let the termine gigi patah....or buy cengal wood product...termite no eat

Egghead said...

termite leh... I ask the Rentokil people to treat my 2nd hand house before I move in... CCB... RM1.5k and they drill holes every where..
But they also got warn me say termite travel through holes and water pipes... so if neighbour no treat... termites will come back and haunt us one... sigh!

thquah said...

Termite damn scare of them. without realising it the whole house can collapse.
I will always check the wood area in my house and call the rentokil ppl to do quaterly mainteance.
That reminds me to call them up soon. thks man.

Big Bok said...

Wow..!! jialat..!! termites..!! that's not good news at all..!!
better get it look at real soon. .Mr B.

Maria said...

ai yoh...scary man...the termites damn fast wan, now wander my house got or not...got two big one LOL...

Belacan said...

zbjernak: fuiseh! now i think you komplot with the timber companies! bwahahaha!

egghead: 1.5k for drilling holes? wah, then these guys quoted us cheaper at RM1.2k. but we tak payah drill-drill, phew!

thquah: no problem bruder. hope you are still termite free :)

bigbok: roger that, heh! :)

maria: bwahahaha! so that means you are Queen termite? hehehe ;)