Thursday, September 08, 2005

Exterminator (Part 3 - Final)

Exactly one week later, the exterminator consultant came to check our house for termites. They are the same guys who treated the Meow's house.

Consultant: Mrs B, I am happy to confirm that your house is termite free. There are no indications at all of termites infesting your home.

Mrs B: *sigh of relieve* That's good news.

Consultant: We have prepared a contract for you. A year of extermination service covering termites, ants and cockroaches with one visit every two months is only RM360. Our team will visit your house and do the necessary.

Mrs B: *read read read* OK. When can your team come to do the treatment?

Consultant: will tomorrow be OK?

Mrs B: Yes, my husband will be back by then.

* next day - ding dong!*

B: ah, come in come in. right on time.

Man#1: Encik, we fill up our pumps first. Then we'll start with upstairs.

B: ok.

I then followed them around. As they split up, I followed the one that I think is not the team leader. Man#2 knocked on the door frames and parquet flooring skirtings. He also checked the wardrobes, then proceeded to spray the door frames, parquet floor skirtings, sides of the wardrobe - especially the base, the toilet and even the sides of the wooden staircase.

They then did the same downstairs in the living and dining room. They sprayed corners and all along the walls of the house. At the kitchen, we removed all the utensils from the floor cabinets for them to spray. (Surprisingly, the smell from the pesticide was not as strong as I thought it would be. Two weeks later, the smell has almost disappeared).

Man#1: This is the most common area for termites to attack. The kitchen cabinet wood are normally soft and the place dark and damp. Just nice for termites to populate. *spray spray*

Both of them then went outside to spray at the walls and side walls. Heck, they even sprayed into the drain covers!

Man#2: OK, we would like to spray the septic tank. Do you have the keys?

B: errr, what keys?

Man#2: The keys to open your septic tank.

B: *blur* i don't have any keys. The septic tank cover is here *point point* but I never received any "keys" from the previous owner....

Man#2: Encik, your septic tank cover has been renovated and tiled. The contractor usually leaves two screw holes *points points*... here and here. With that "key", we will screw into the hole and then lift up the septic tank cover.

B: ahhhhh (sees the light), now I understand. Aiyar, I never received such a key from the previous owner lar.

Man#2: I see. In that case we can't open and spray into your septic tank.

Man#1: The septic tank spray is more to control cockcroaches, not termites. Anyway, your house is termite free. We did not see any signs of termite infestation.

*Later, after everything has completed...*

B: Are you the same guys that treated the Meow's house?

Man#1: Yes we are.

B: In that case, how come they still kena termites one?

Man#1: There was a hole or rather a crack in the wall underneath the laminated wood flooring. That hole is from your neighbour's house, and the termites attacked the Meow's skirtings from there. Luckily only the skirtings and not the wooden floor or the parquet upstairs. Their ground has already been treated before they moved in.

Man#2: There's no guarantee that after treatment termites would not attack your house. We have to be vigilant and continue doing preventive maintenance. But once detected, we will come in and do the necessary.

Man#1: Here's the bill sir.

B: *sob sob*

Just to share, this link http://www.termite.com is the best online resource that I have found so far on termites, termite control methods, and short information on pesticides such as Termidor, Premise and Sentricon. This site even has a section on treating other household pests such as silverfish, rats/mouse, ants and etc. Good stuff.

Ah, and here's a scary story... The Miami Herald: Hungry pest comes out of the woodwork (10 April 2005)

Belacans says... "Now I can sleep better but first... Larling, I cannot sleep leh, hehehe"


Ah Pek said...

larling... after termite bite your backside.

Big BoK said...

Hey.. MrB,
Good to hear no termites.. but expensive contract leh..!

ThatJames said...

Whoa. Scary ler, termites. Your house value will drop if you don't take care of the problem.

viewtru said...

Well, at least you have peace of mind.

Gene Lim said...

nevermind la mr.b, enpensive ma expensive but well invested in lor. Least no fear , can sleep more peacefully lor ;)

Egghead said...

ur bed might be attacked by termites before... all the shaking and stuff (*wink) might bring it down... :P

Belacan said...

ahpek: larling will answer "if termite bite my backside, i wallop your backside!" hehehe

BigBok: ok lar, RM360/year for 6 visits. that means one visit = RM60. bolehlah. termite damage lagi mahal! ;)

james: eh? when you became "thatjames"? james cukup lar, there's only one we recognise, hehehe. you are right, house value can turun. now both the meows and us are worried about our crazy neighbour, sigh...

viewtru & genelim: yup, peace... :)

egghead: hehe, for your info, we don't sleep on beds. guna mattress only, so no such risks. muahahahahar!

Maria said...

hate those bugs, and those who eat bugs must be double hate the bugs that's why they eat it.

Papi said...

alamak, last time I also kena ler. lucky ur neighbour informed u earlier if not lagi teruk leh. But I think the exterminator just spray on the surface, but the termites can come from the inside (thru walls and earth). Be sure to check every now and then, the wooden door frames, behind the cabinets, ceiling, etc. Good luck!