Monday, April 11, 2005

Crazy Neighbour Saga (Part 1)

From today onwards, I will be using this blog to record all the unneighbourly things my crazy neighbour has done against my household. There has been so many events (e.g. knocking over and spilling my rubbish bin, poured paint over my garden patch, hosed water on me, etc etc) that I have lost count, thus it is time I record them down here. Who knows? One day I may use all these records to take legal action if she goes overboard.

Date: 7 April 2005 (Thursday)
Event: Torn newspaper, flyers and namecards on the driveway next to crazy woman

Came home at about 1915hours and found 3 wet pages of newspaper, and many many wet flyers and namecards (plumber services, aircond, etc) which have been torn in half (herewith known as objects), strewn over the driveway next to fence wall shared with suspect.

The objects were strewn about 2 - 3 feet from fence wall, hence about the estimated distance for someone to throw pieces of paper. Likely suspect would be crazy woman, because it is not possible for someone outside the gate or from the other neighbour to throw such objects, as the distance would be too far.

The objects were also strewn along the whole of the shared fence wall with crazy woman. More evidence that the objects originated and were thrown from crazy woman's side. Utterly impossible for someone to throw from the gate fencing as the distance would have been at least 15 feet for the object furthest from the gate fencing, and that object was a newspaper page.

Illustration as follows:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When I left the house about 10.30am and did not see such objects then. It rained in the area about 3.oopm to 6.00pm.

Conclusion: Suspect must have torn the flyers and namecards and then threw them over the wall fence to our side, anytime between 10.30am to 3.00pm. I have also sought the viewpoints of my other neighbour at 1930hours who concurred that the objects logically can only originate from crazy woman's house.

- end of report -

Green Belacan says... "don't make me angry. You won't like me when I am angry..."

Additional Notes:
Looking at the comments received, I should explain a little bit about this neighbour of mine. She is about mid to late 30s, and stays with her more than 70 yo dad. We heard that her mom committed suicide at her brothers home many many years ago. She used to be a lawyer but has now ceased working to take care of her dad, who is a bit senile due to his age.

We can sort of appreciate the social pressures that she went through thus the whole housing row is quite symphathetic to her but then again, we are on the receiving end. She used to have loud arguments with her other neighbour but that family has since upgraded. Presently, a very nice family has moved in and they are also very tolerable of our common neighbour.

As long as she does not harm my family or overly damages our property, I think we can live with her, for now....

Thanks for commenting ;)


mystic said...

Eeeee...y ur neighbor so inconsiderate one? U can tahan ah?

Yuen Li said...

Why does she do that? Is she really crazy, or just plain nasty?

Jason said...

CCTV in your own house?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Yikes, I left a comment in your ealier blog and it did not appear!

Wah, neighbours from hell. Previously, when I was staying at landed property, I have Malay neighbours. Pakciks who are soooooo nice.

So, when are you going to confront her and make a dramatic blog?

hyphenated L said...

LOL!.. like CSI investigation. vey thorough - grissom will be mighty proud of the drawing...

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Belachan,
i had my fair share of crazy neighbours.. when i was in singapore.. ! I know how upsetting it is.. and it was a mental torture for me.. so much so .. that i had to move..!! So from then on.. i never really yak with my neighbours.. when i moved to canada. I mean.. i'm nice.. but never become friends with any of my neighbours.. my spouse and i pretty much kept to ourselves.. all these years together.. :) and i'm glad.. coz' i never had any trouble with my neighbours here.. :)
My crazy neighbour was an indian lady .. and her daughter..!

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Yes, a CCTV would be nice. And don't forget a webcam feature too, we would want to catch her in the act.

Saffron said...

If she's Chinese, you don't have to do anything. Just position one of those pakua thingies against her main door to 'chie' her and she'll freak.

If she's one of those non-superstitious types, then you have to spend money and go to CCTV route lor. :p

Belacan said...

guys, many thanks for the comments. Pls check out my additional notes, which will explain a bit more of this neighbour ;)

sexymama said...

Yeah, a CCTV will do better than your notes if you want to take legal action. You need proof.

Mrs B said...

There was a confrontation before, I witnessed it from our upper bedroom. B was politely asking CN to come out of her house re our white paint splashed garden patch, and after some exchange of words - with a cool Mr B and CN shouting. And when Mr B turned his back, CN used the hose that she had been holding on threateningly to spray him. What a stupid chicken. Hosing protected from behind her stupid gate. To which, Mr B shouted, are you a good neighbour or not? (2-3x?.
Anyway, Mr B is a good neighbour, he is close buddy with two-three of the same street neighbours. Me? Busy at home tending the kids and house.

Wingz said...

pasang webcam !!! can watch from opis also lol!
same thing happened to me so i pasang "hidden" webcam kat my house skali see nothing but by the time i reach home got lotsa sampah also ...i orso suprised .. last last we found the culprit ... its "the wind" the blardee wind blew all the sampah thru the front gate into the porch. KNN!!! rugi my effort pasang-ing the webcam!!

Papi said...

fuiyo! She sprayed you with the hose ah, Amitabh Belacans?

but looking at Wingz experience, it might be the "Wind" also..

can get those wireless webcam mah, just pasang near the window. Later can use to shoot home video mah, but not the Paris Hilton version lar.. ;)

Belacan said...

wingz & papi: nah, doubt it's the wind. pretty sure it's her. i did thought of a CCTV before but it was more to keep an eye on my maid, but then she cabut before i could install it.

Shan said...

Crazy woman - there is no excuse for being nasty just because she's got family problems.
That's also part of the reason why I'm cordial to my own neighbours but that's it. Just a quick hello and I bolt. I like where I live and don't want anyone silly to ruin it for me :-)

mystic said...

Speaking of neighbor, my neighbor hor has tis thing leh, he likes for some reason or anything to start drilling things at about midnight every night wor. I have confronted him before but last night, kana scolded from the wifey..:( He drilled till 2am lah how to tidur???

Belacan said...

shan: quite true shan. wat to do? the neighbourhood is nice, except for her! sheesh...

mystic: WTF?!? ini sudah lebih ni! :(