Monday, July 11, 2005

Awana Kijal (Day 2 & 3)

Hi Hi! Good to be back sleeping on my own bed, blogging and all. ;)

Last week, I went down south to learn about operations and to know the key people there. I must say that I really enjoyed the countryside - the rubber trees, oil palm, durians and rambutans! Had a lot of durians and rambutans when I was there, courtesy of a staff who has an orchard nearby, slurrrppp!

OK, I owe this post to complete my Awana Kijal "Trilogy". Heh!

Continuation from Awana Kijal (Day 2) and (Day 1).

So, I went back to the room and the kids were asleep. Mrs B was awake and just finished munching a few pieces of the lemang. In my previous post, I forgot to mention that we bought lemang and otak-otak on the way back from Chukai, all for a small sum of RM3 only! The lemang was superb but wished there was some kuah to dip into. Undoubtedly, yours truly here wallop the lemang all for himself. Burrrrppp! ;)

Woke the girls up at 5.30pm and then took a short stroll to the beach. Mrs B was in her new elvish green swimming suit which came complete with a wrap around. I was in my sexy and tight blue swimming trunk. Heh heh!

We didn't swim in the sea but just relaxed on the beach. That evening, the beach was alive with people but not crowded. A short distance away, we can see water-scooters zooming around and a long queue for the "fear-factor" banana boat ride. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Suzanne took out her sand-castle making set and promptly went to work. I took out a plastic kite and easily got it up. Suzanne also wanted to fly the kite so I gave her the "controls". You should have seen her face full of concentration and worried that the kite may fall! Ha ha ;)

But the most memorable moment must be of baby SueAnne's first trip to the beach. She was so fascinated with the sand that she put them into her mouth a few times! (Cue to Mrs B saying: Yes baby, that's sand... oh look! she grabbed some sand... no baby!..... arrghhh! spit it out!..... arrghhh! she swallowed some sand!.... bad baby, baaaddddd baby...)

That night, we had a quick dinner at Grandview again. Suzanne was so tired that if allowed to, she could have slept on the table. Tucked the girls to sleep and then Mrs B and I spent some "quality time" watching Discovery Channel and finishing the "best ever tasting" otak-otak we ever had. yummy ;)

Final - Day 3

On the last day, we had buffet breakfast and what yummylicious spread Awana Kijal had. I went straight for nasi dagang and all the rendang.... heaven. (Mrs B: someone needs to join Loopy Meal's and exercise liao, kekeke)

That morning, the plan was to let the girl's relax in the room while daddy B goes to the spa. My appointment was for a 2 hours "Stress Buster" session which consists of a massage and "volcano wrap". If not mistaken, I think my package was RM220. As this is Terengganu, your masseur will be of the same sex i.e. no man-woman type as in many other places. I was given a disposable underwear to change by my masseur, Agus and from him I found out that all the masseurs at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa are Indonesians on a two year contract. The massage was relaxing but the best was when being wrapped up in a heated blanket after Agus sapu some dark greenish mud all over my body. I wonder whether I snored..... ;)

Upon checking out, we headed to Hai Peng again for some late lunch. This time I tried their Vietnamese Coffee and fell in love with it. I would have been "head over heels" if I had stirred it earlier to mix the condense milk! Another boo-boo at Hai Peng by yours truly. But I liked the Vietnamese Coffee maker and the kopitiam cup and saucer so much that I bought a set for RM29.90. Yes, it was expensive... so don't anyone dare tell me that it only costs RM8 at Living Quarters ;)

We also bought a few packets of Hai Peng coffee as gifts but miscalculated so we ended up without one ourselves... nevermind, next trip. We left Chukai at 3pm and reached our door by 7.30pm, almost like a short drive away.

And that sums up our Awana Kijal trip. Btw, we are going back there again in early September, all arranged already by Mrs B. ;)

Mrs B says to Belacan... "We are to give our kids good childhood memories, you know?" ;) ;)


sexymama said...

That thing only sells for RM8 at the ting-tong shop :)

Anonymous said...

Yes.. what great memories..your daughter will have.. MrB..!!


Gene Lim said...

Oh my gosh! i just wanna give Sueanne a pinch on her cute little face!
she is soo adorable..
yumiie arrgh! ehehhee

zbjernak said...

argh...baby so cute...

guess MrsB was very panic when baby put sand into her mouth

but really chubby chubby looking lah your baby... but y suezanne no chubby?

Shan said...

Hi hi! Ya lah looks like you guys had a great time. Pixs are damn cute! Now I can see why you're worried about the young romeos chatting up your daughter! Hehe.

Belacan said...

sexymama: ya, i know. *sob sob sob* ;)

MrsT: thanks :)

gene lim: the nightmare starts from toddlerhood, so we are kinda emjoying the peace now. hehe ;)

zbjernak: naw, she's not chubby. only the cheeks puffy like any other baby ;)

shan: nah, not worried at all. i have a collection of parangs.... ;)

mumsgather said...

I am in love .......... with baby SueAnne. She's adorable! And of course Suzanne is as sweet as can be. No prizes for my guess that she takes after MrsB and not the school lengchai?

Lucia Lai said...

oohhh! i luv the picture of sueanne on the beach! so lovely smile!

Wingz said...

can you pls gimme nice chilhood memories too ??? :P

Reinaldo Mennella said...

Hello! Super work performed. Top PAGE, further so!