Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why we lost another Malaysian brain

This is someone whom I can call as a close online friend. We have never met although our offices were just walking distance away, but we have known and communicated with each other online for at least 3 years. We have similar roots and similar professional challenges, and based on what he was in Malaysia, I can say we lost another highly professional brain.

Read his letter to an old friend, on the reasons why he left Malaysia.... perhaps forever.
Malaysiaboleh.blogspot.com: again why did you leave?

As a father to two kids, these thoughts frequently run through my heart especially when I pay for my kid's education insurance which takes up a huge huge chunk off my small take home salary...

I love my country but if national policies will kill my kids future, then I won't hesitate to sacrifice heavily for them, as did my grandfather and father. But seriously, i hope that day never comes. I love my nasi lemak too much! duh?

Belacan says... "we always sacrifice and worry for the next generation..."


Twinsmom said...

I will stay in Malaysia to hold on to my vote, oppose and voice out if neccessery, otherwise all oppose wan all migrate liao, the situation mah become more worst lor?
psstt...actually I can't afford to migrate, so mah find a very grand excuse lor :pbpbp hahaha...

thquah said...

yes me too can't afford to migrate.what to do just vote differently and hope for changes.

but if my kids want to my migrate I surely welcome the idea.

btw some of my friends that migrated didn't make it and came back.So there is always the two side of a coin to look at.

Msau said...

me too..Malaysia r my only home..too much of food & person I kenot life without..how to leave?

Mercurial said...

I share your pain. I had the same problem upon graduating; stay in the UK and be a second class citizen here, or go back to Malaysia and be a second class citizen there?

I stayed. I miss the belacan though.

kiawin said...

Here's of what I left in your friend's blog.

At times I wonder, which is the best. I myself was at times in the dilema of choosing between malaysia and other countries. But often I was reminded of, and the last time was just merely a month ago - in a conference held in Indonesia where students from all over east asia gathered together and see how God works uniquely in each and everyone of us. There's some east asian mates that shared about the efflux of the christians to other countries, where it supposed to be more secured and with a better future. At that time, I just felt I couldn't agree more of that statement, thinking - Hey.. it's same here in Malaysia.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against those who migrates. And I truly understand the pure intention of many parents who felt that they could provide a better environment and future for their children if they migrates. And, such intentions are noble, honorable and respectable. Much sacrifice is done for the betterment of next generation.

Nevertheless, something sticked in my mind, questioning myself of this question. If every single one of us, who suppose to be capable, who suppose to be cream of the crops, who suppose to deserve a better living, who suppose to deserve a better treatment, choose to leave our own country, will this ever help to improve the situation of our nation?

We are being called to be the light and salt of the world. We are supposed to suppress the oppressers, we are supposed to love our enemies, we are supposed to make a difference in the world. But how can we do all these things, if the only action that we take is to be away - from all these things.

God might have a plan for some to be elsewhere. But for many of us, what is God's plan for us? Is our priority sets upon Jesus? or is our priority sets upon equality, freedom, and rights?

A better world first starts within our innerself. If we couldn't appreciate what God has given to us, we will never be able to truly appreciate how God has appreciated of us - sinners. And we will never appreciate what we dislikes around us.

Such an irony.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

I leave the future in the hands of the Lord. For one, I feel blessed being here and would proudly look up to my country without trying to think so much into the future and the what ifs. Don't anyone feel offended. But if the Chinese or anyone wants a bigger share and all that jazz, start with having the faith that the Lord will provides. Have more babies. Otherwise, what is there to ask when we have only one kid and complaining like siao whilst our Muslim brothers and sisters have 5 and they have faith in Allah to provide for them?

Of course, if my atm has the resources to start a self-sufficient farm in OZ or NZ, I sure wanna go there. Milking cows. LOL!

MooPig said...

I thought about this Q before. Now that I've been overseas, I don't think I want to migrate or even get a PR over here. Home is Malaysia, and will always be Malaysia. I've been here for 3 years and never had the 'home' feeling.

My parents' friend applied for PR in NZ thinking it's cheaper for the children's education. After they got their PR, they had to buy properties etc etc. In the end, the spent more than expected. The cost of living is high. Kids in NZ, parents in M'sia. Cost of travelling- fuiyoh!

Lucia Lai said...

no matter how much i complain and grumble about malaysia (esp. the polcies and yes the bumiputera thingy), i still love malaysia and would never want to migrate. the grass is not always greener the other side, mind you. as some had pointed out if we migrate we'll be a 2nd class citizen there too but it will be much more worst as we are not in our home country.

like 5xmom, i feel very blessed to be in malaysia, taking with it all its brickbats and bouquets.

i also agree on the part of chinese should have more children. it really irks me that everywhere (well almost) i go i heard chinese parents complaining "aiya. these days ah everything also for the bumis, how to survive? that's why it's better to have only 1 or 2 children, no more. no point bringing up so many children when we know they will be disadvantaged in this country."

see, you don't want more children and now you are complaining the country is populated with so many malays.

nENn said...

after 6 years in melbourne, home is still and always be Malaysia to me eventhough 'hujan emas di negeri orang' and all that jazz.

Wingz said...

USA here i kam !!!!! :P *flash gween kad*

narrowband said...

It must be really hard to leave a place we call home, and call some place new "home"... I cannot imagine me having to make such brainjuice-oozing decisions...

Gene Lim said...

I agree with Lucia,the grass is not always greener on the other side!
I have been staying here (canada) for 2 years and half...i still miss my home penang/malaysia. there no place like own home and country.
Yes, ur children might get good education system..but, malaysia's education system is improving maa..
Life is short, just have to live simple and be happy.
We are always treated as second class citizen due to our skin colour!

momof2 said...

You are a product of Malaysian Education system aren't you? And you turned out alright... so don't worry too much.

Belacan said...

wah, i think i hit a nerve! hehehe. my dad was offered an Autralian PR but he turned it down. That was in the 1960s and it was pretty hard to get. My BIL was offered British PR and he turned it down too. I guess my family just love our nasi lemak too much. bwahahaha!

thanks to all for your comments. i love this country of mine. we'll pray for good leadership, governance, peace and harmonious relationships for all.


kiawin said...

all the talks of our country... this reminds me of an event. NCI.. check it out http://www.integritycongress.org/.. it's on this saturday :)