Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Awana Kijal (10 June 2005, Day 1)

Very Important Lesson learnt - never ever try to do errants on the day you want to go on a holiday. ahaiks! Both Mrs B and I took leave on Friday so that we can leave for Awana Kijal. But our work schedule was so tight that we have two important errants left that morning. No.1, I had to send our 1997 Wira 1.5 (M) to the workshop because water was seeping into the boot. No.2, we had to go to the bank and settle some matters. :(

At 12.30pm, the whole Belacan family had a quick lunch at Pasar Rakyat and finally hit the road towards Karak Highway at 1.30pm. Another important lesson learnt - must leave KL before the Friday prayers! wahlaueh, super jam. We only managed to hit the Karak-Kuantan (East Coast) Highway at 3.00pm!
I found the new highway quite lonely, with few cars in between that afternoon. Most of the cars kept to the 110km/h limit but there were a few BMWs and Mercs zooming past at 140km/h and above. The stretch was unbelievably straight and I was secretly wishing that our car had cruise control, lemahlah kaki. The weather was sunny and bright, with little cloud coverings.

Mrs B and the kids were at the back seat. By this time, I was getting quite adept at snapping blind pics e.g. shoot from the fingers/hips. Here's one of Suzanne seated behind me.

We finally arrived at the Kuantan exit at 4.15pm, slightly more than an hour after Karak. Not bad, but soon I was caught behind lorries and trucks and trailers on the Kuantan-Gebeng-Cukai stretch. Fuiyouh! Damn frustrating man! At several points, we were only driving at 40km/h! Memang beh tahan. Most of the slow drivers were C plate i.e. Pahang drivers themselves. I was so fuckstrated that I began making vulgar names out of their number plates e.g. CBK = Ci***Kia and so forth. Mrs B said she needs to dettol my mouth, hahahaha!

Oh, must share this with everyone! Along the stretch, we saw a guy selling Toys-R-Us toy animals by the roadside like selling durians! bwahahahaha! This is a first for me. :)

Very entrepreneurial chap, don't you agree? And this particular spot was pretty strategic because a police roadblock is just 50 metres away, thus cars definitely have to slow down! Talk about high traffic.... ;)

We finally checked into Awana Kijal about 5.30pm. Tired is definitely an understatement!

We had a seaview room, but I didn't like the 2nd floor room they initially gave us because it had neither sea nor pool view! All I could see was the wall of the other block and worst, people walking along the corridor could peek into our room through the window. At once I requested for a change and the friendly front office gave us another seaview room but with a queen size bed. Baby SueAnne and Suzanne seems to like the queen size bed. No complains *grinz*

After a quick room administration i.e. steriliser put here, baby clothes there, foodstuff here and etc, I drove the Belacan family to Grandview restaurant for dinner. FYI, at the entrance to Awana Kijal are two row of shophouses. There's a western bar, sundry shop, a cleaner and even a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet! Grandview is located at the far corner. It is a chinese restaurant with reasonably priced food. We ordered 3 baked stuff crabs - the heck with high cholesterol, muahahahar!

But Mrs B and I were dissapointed with the baked crab this time. When we came last year, the baked crabs were much tastier. This year, it was still nice but it wasn't as delicious - maybe not enough MSG? hehehe.

After makan-full, nothing to do... we walked into a souvenir-cum-sundry shop operated by Awana Kijal. We bought one Awana Kijal t-shirt each for Mrs B and myself (RM9.90 each) and 2 baby Awana Kijal t-shirts for SueAnne and Suzanne (RM10 for 2!).

Back at the hotel, all of us were quite tired from the 4.5 hour journey. Everyone hit the bed early, except me because I was watching Discovery channel, hehehe. Oh, we also brought along my Toys-R-Us Red Buaya and Suzanne just cuddled it to sleep.

- End of Day 1 -

Tomorrow, Day 2!

Belacan says... "a buaya in Pok Ku territory, woohoo!"


Andreas said...

Nice - enjoy your holiday!!

Twinsmom said...

did u feel like fall in sleep on the highway? Twinsdad did, pull over to Temelor stop to take a nap.
The police road block right out side the resort we stay leh, Impiana resort staff told us the police is looking for robbers!!!
we will go again next year, hopefully by then the highway have completed, straight to Cherating leh, we saw the structure almost finish.
all the kids love to stay in hotel, all of them...

Philips said...

Wow that's a lot of fun !!

I was at Cherating a few months ago and the feeling is almost the same :)

To drive at East Cost highway has to be extra careful & with maximum alert cause the stretch is too straight and has some hard point.

Msau said...

haven't go to awana kijal b4 ler..really nice kah? I tot there only got a hotel, no other sightseeing wan?

Papi said...

wah...reading makes me wanna go holiday!! And I just came back from holiday...hehehehe....

So did u get any ikan kering?

Che-Cheh said...

Wohooo what a nice journey. The Toys-R-Us thing is hilarious. hahahahahaha aiyakkk stomach pain!

Simon said...

damn, i miss that place... sooo beautiful...

momof2 said...

hmm... looks like should plan a holiday to east coast ler... what's good to eat there?

Lucia Lai said...

good interesting write-up with pictures all the way. can't wait for day 2 story.

btw, sueanne is so cute in the picture. wahh! geramnya. *imagine cubit her cheek*

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear from MrB... :)


S-Kay said...

Almost went to Kijal with a few friends coz my Redang trip got cancelled last year but didn't. Maybe next year =P

Must go Redang first...ngehehehe...next week next week...

Gene Lim said...

Oh my gosh! ur gals are lovely and sweet! Sueanne oh boy..she is such a sweetie!
Glad u and ur family had lotsa fun!

So where to for next vacation?

mumsgather said...

Baby SueAnne very comel ler.

Bustaman said...

As you go up the steps to the lobby, look to the the right and you can see a tour agent counter. Behind the counter, on the wall are some cooool pictures. Suzanne would enjoy one of them.

zbjernak said...

SueAnne very chubby leh

u never see before those cars selling those lions,tigers stuff dolls meh?

belacan...belacan... have to come out from your buaya lair more often lah


Belacan said...

andreas: thanks

twinsmom: yes, slightly sleepy on the way back. I heard Impiana was quite nice too ;)

philips/kaihongs: yeah, so straight that it was an extremely boring drive. btw, hard meaning "keras"? wah, the operators bomoh didn't do a good job izzit?

msau: the beach is private and beautiful. but on sightseeing, gotta drive out lar.

papi: hey, your post on Taiping trip already made Mrs B asked "can we? huh? huh?" hahaha! ;)

che-cheh: you should have seen the Red Buaya sitting on the front passenger side, sure kelakar wan! ;)

simon: so next trip? ;)

momof2: ah, in the next post ;)

lucia: haha ;)

MrsT: hi. how's the weather in Canada now? ;)

skay: enjoy your Redang trip. i heard it is nice too ;)

genelim: thanks. next trip? could be taiping. ini semua Papi punya pasal. hahaha! ;)

MG: they say Baby look like daddy wor. so Belacan is cuter? ;) ;) ;)

Pok ku: aiyak! we walk pass that place almost everyday but we didn't focus on the pictures behind that counter. next time? ;)

zbjernak: you mean they do that in Klang also? hehehe

Papi said...

Hey! Did MrsB and Mami pakat ah? Because Mami was asking me about Kuantan!! LOL!!

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wei apasal baby SueAnne looks so much like you ha? Like the 'angkoo' mould like that. Abuden, I never see Mr B before, how I know? kehkehkeh

Lao Chen said...

Your kids look so adorable!