Sunday, April 26, 2009

Introducing Buayatte No.3!

Ok, I have not been dilligent in updating this and my personal blog. So much so that Uncle Zorro asked me about a month ago, when we bumped glasses at the Fish place, "Woi, you still blogging or not?" and he gave me that old caring teacher glare, that sorts of interrogates you, telling you that he already knows the answer and the "real answer" I should be giving. Teachers of life, heh!


Introducing the Buaya family's little Buayatte no.3! Her name is Shushanna, born 15 Feb 2009, a day after Valentine's day and also the same birthday as elder sis Suzanne! Wow, talk about coincidence. And no, Mrs B and I didn't planned the date. Natural birth. Little Shushanna just wants to come out and play on that date.

Pic: Baby Shushanna's first 30 minutes :)

Mrs B is recovering well, and the girls just adores little Shushanna. Suzanne, the elder sis dots and (over)protects baby Susan while SueAnne kept saying how cute baby is.

Yesterday, Mrs B sms'd* that 2 months old Shushanna is 5.5kg, a little bit overweight but healthy. Go go breastfeeding! (Saves us milk money too, hehehe)

Just to summarise, here are the Buaya girls:
  • Suzanne - 15 Feb 2000
  • SueAnne - 1 July 2004
  • Shushanna - 15 Feb 2009
And their names all have the same meaning, derived from the Hebrew "Shoshana" meaning Graceful Lily.

* - Buaya69 is now "Alone in Bangkok" :(

Buaya69 asks - "Anyone knows whether I qualify for a senapang gajah licence? Got 3 girls wor... :P"


Jasonmumbles said...

Congratulations, Mr. B!

Diam diam for few months, here comes a new one. Haha!

shky said...

Congratulation once again !

BUT i don't think u shd be :-( in Bangkok......:-)

Che-Cheh said...

Congrats! Wah 3 girls + Mrs Buaya. Will kena buli? :P

Egghead said...

3 girls ah? I got 3 boys!
Can exchange one lor :P

Yan said...


i have 3 boys bro.. my 4th is coming in Nov.. hoping same gender with ibu la.. otherwise, i'm the minority in the house..

mumsgather said...

The baby looks very cute indeed and chubby too. :)

domesticgoddess said...

Congrats!! Lovely :)
psst... born so many months ago baru update ar?

mama23beas said...

Finally, finally...wah, pandai la you all names same meaning...senang! We got pening sekejap to continue with Bea index...luckily the 4th boy, and the 5th also confirmed boy jugak..lega!

Gene Lim said...

congratulations to u all Mr and Mrs.B Happy for u all :)
What a beautiful gal :)
God Bless all ! :)

Mimi said...

congratulations ... adorable!

zbjernak said...

hope i m not toolate...
congratulations to u :D