Monday, January 26, 2009

Swing higher!

This morning, I took the girls to a playground near our house. Suzanne, being the elder at 8yo, can already confidently swing by herself. As for SueAnne, the little girl at 4yo still wants me to carry and put her up on the swing, although she can confidently do that by herself. Really manja, but I'm not complaining.

SueAnne: Daddy, push me high high.

B69: Sure or not? Not sked sked ar?

SueAnne: Quick lar daddy. Push push high.

And so I did. Pushed her swing as high as a 4yo can take it. Just then, I had flashbacks. I recalled, just a year ago, SueAnne will only sit on a motion-less swing. Yup, just sit on it, no swinging at all. Any amount of swinging will be met with a loud and high pitched "STOOPPPP!!!". Which by the way, is an ability that makes me proud as her mummy dearest, Mrs B, can't really scream. (OK, I'm making a few husband's here jealous liao, heh!).

SueAnne: Higher daddy, higher! Ok ok, enough high already...

I'm counting my blessings that I can see them grow up healthly and in a peaceful environment. Blessed are we who can go to the park and play with our children. My heart goes out to the Gazans. I may not agree with the politics and ideologies but I believe being human cuts across all political and religious leanings. I hope that a Gazan father will be able to experience blessedness as I am now.

Buaya69 says,"No, I am not going to explain what that graffittee on that swing means."


Doreen said...

so what did it say? LOL.

hazel aka cik_yan said...

bro.. i notice ada a few referrals came from your blog.. tak tau la if you still remember me :)

lama tak update?