Monday, November 02, 2009

Updates and of birthday and anniversary gifts

It's been a looooonnnggg while since I logged into Google, be it Gmail or blogspot. So much so that I have forgotten my passwords! Haiyar... so had to reset all of them.

Time seems to be in such short supply for the last 6 months. So many events and I didn't manage to blog them for remembrance - now cannot remember liao, double haiyar!

Everyone's good at the Buaya69 humble home. My mother has recently moved in with us again after staying at my sister's home in JB. She's now taking care of my Babe3, Shushanna.

Babe3: Shushanna
9 months old. This little fella can really smile. Cheeky little thing, said my mom, just like her dad... :P

Babe2: Sue Anne
Sue Anne's 5 years old now. She started attending ballet classes about 2 months ago. The only way we could get her to go was "You get to wear this sexy tutu!". Haiyar... why my Babe2 so vain one? Just like her dad... :P Speaking about vain, I should blog about my visit to Lords for bespoke dress shirts later? ...

Sue Anne has been coughing badly these few days. No thanks to chocolates and sweets she took at the kindy. It baffles me why parents give their kids sweets and chocolates to take to the kindy, and then to share with the other kids. I only found out when Sue Anne asked from us to buy her sweets to share/give back to her classmates. We said no, of course, and Mrs B taught Sue Anne to not eat the sweets/chocolates. It was all OK for a while. Sue Anne will bring back the sweets and show to Mrs B that she didn't eat them. From now onwards, we have to frequently remind her of her intolerance for sweets and chocolates i.e....

  • sweets + chocolates = to fever and coughing = no shopping and ballet classes!

Babe1: Suzanne
Suzanne is now in Standard 3. Her grasp for maths and BM is not that good, plus composition in English. We are putting her through Enopi for maths. Hopefully she can improve through their learning methods. As for composition... shall I start her on blogging? Nah....

Mrs B:
What can I say about this woman? Amazing! Mrs B has also been busy at work, what with the largest IPO happening in Malaysia in a few days time? She is still BF'ing Babe3 so has to regularly pump in office. She often updates me on the happenings to the other BF mothers which makes me wonder... what has she been telling them about me? Apart from me being the handsomest bloke in her life, hah! My husband brain said "Don't ever go there..." :P

Mrs B's birthday and coming 11 year anniversary
Mrs B had her big milestone birthday in September. Mine will be coming this month in November. As they say, "Life begins at 40", woohoo! In November, it will also be our 11th wedding anniversary.

So, I thought I should get something that will remind us of this milestone. If you had been a long time follower of this blog, you will know that we didn't have a rock-steady start to our marriage. Instead, divorce was on the cards up to the 3rd and 4th year! I still crinch at the thought if we had divorced - what would have happened to Suzanne? Of course, we wouldn't have Sue Anne and Shushanna, the joy of our life :)

Back to the gifts. So, one rainy evening in September, I was over at Bangsar Village II. I was contemplating Gordon Max's earrings, Thomas Sabo's charm bracelet, Habib's and Brilliant Rose's diamond bracelets... and I couldn't make up my mind! Haiyar...

So I crossed over to Chatterbox HK at Bangsar Village I to have a quick dinner. Opposite Chatterbox HK was Hang Thai Watches, a reputable watch retailer. Don't ask me about their name's origin... Anyway, walking into the shop was the best, or worse thing to happen that day. I splurged about RM7,500 within 30 minutes for 2 Ball watches...

One for me and one for Mrs B - same design, but for gents and ladies :)

Mrs B liked her watch and then offered to pay for my watch! Said that it was for my birthday and anniversary gift too. What a wifey - HUGS!

I have been wanting to own a Ball watch for years, and this time I was caught - caught by that Blue coloured micro gas tubes. If anyone of you wants to buy watches, and I mean real watch makers, try Hang Thai - and ask for Frank at Bangsar Village.

My next dream watch would be a an A. Lange & Sohne or better still, a Patek Philippe - but that would be yeaaarrrrsss from now!

Buaya69 says, "Must stop reading coffee table books on watches, arrrgghh!"


mama23beas said...

Nothing from you in 6 months and now I'm the first to comment...hmmm that means I'm still your loyal reader as ever. Anyway, glad everybody is fine... happy birthdays and anniversary to you both.

Buaya69 said...

harlo m23beas! yeah, long time no update liao, solllyyyy! btw, remember those tongkat ali you gave us? it's still there.... maybe i should make coffee with them :P