Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Birthday party at Cosmo World (and meeting mommies)

Last Saturday, Suzanne’s classmate had a small birthday party at Cosmo World, Berjaya Times Square. It was our first visit to the indoor amusement park. I must say that the MC did a really good job with the kids. They had fun, good kiddy fun.

Mrs B was not well so she rested at home while I took Suzanne to the party. When I walked into the party room, I saw a table of mommies and a table of the birthday girl’s family members. Rather than sitting alone, as there were no daddies table around, I invited myself to the mommies table. Man, I really learnt a lot from them.

I met the mother of the boy that’s sitting next to Suzanne in class. Her boy is really a great kid, a smart go-getter type. What amazes me is that she, the mother, is at school most of the time and knows a lot about the other children. She told me that in school, Suzanne is a quiet girl. Hmmm, that’s so unlike her daddy, heh!

I also met an inspiring single mother whose daughter is such a darling. I overheard that they took the monorail to Berjaya Times Square and offered to send them home, which is not too distant from our house. In the car, Suzanne and her daughter were opening up all the presents they got from Cosmo World. Gosh, you should hear them giggling and comparing notes at the back seat of the car. Girls! :)

As for the single mother, I found out that she’s a business woman, a blogger and a fan/supporter of RPK and PKR. Her zeal for justice is so infectious. I am very sure her girl will grow up to be a righteous and honourable person. I refused to divulge my blog to her and challenged her to find this blog. Hehehe, I guess it's just a matter of time. There're so many keywords around... :)

And oh, I must share this conversation at the mommies table:

Mother1: You looked a bit too young to be Suzanne’s dad.

Mother2: Yah, you can pass off as Suzanne’s older brother.

Me: No lar, believe me, I am quite old. White hair sudah keluar already.

Mother3: Where got? Cannot see. You must be what, 33, 35?

Mother1: Yah, 30 plus like that only.

Me: Aiyoh, I am already 40 lar.

Mothers 1,2,3,4,5: What!!! Get out of here!!! *Gives stare of death to Buaya69*

Me: Errr, oops! :P

Buaya69 says,”May we be able to do the right thing now, for our kids future”


mumsgather said...

Aiks! Buaya kembang sendiri today. Hahaha.

CW said...

Hi.. me & hubby bumped to ur blog while we are researching for awana kijal. We found ur blog funny & down-to-earth. Yeah, I'll link to ur blog... can ah? Me also mummy to 2 princess.

mama23beas said...

Mother2 really needs a check-up for her eyes...hehe!
Aren't you going to announce the BIG news in the blog *wink, wink*? Been looking forward to it.

Buaya69 said...

MG: hehe, biasa ler :P

CW: most welcome. the internerd is free mar! of course, some MCMC idiots wanna ban M2day, heh!

mama23beas: harlo sayang. how are you? hehe, soon soon :P

shky said...

oi, ur buaya days over ah

domesticgoddess said...

eh you 40 already meh? rupa-rupanya you older than me so much bwahahaha *lari*

p/s: I jumped ship to wordpress long time already :P

shidah said...

buaya69, 69 must mean something, like born in yr 69? means that you are not 40 lor... catch ya!