Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Malaysia Ku

We raised the Malaysian flag for the recent Merdeka celebration. Turns out we were the only house in the entire row to have a flag flying. I lashed the temporary flag pole and shared it with my Indian neighbour.

My girls, Suzanne and SueAnne, were drawing and painting Malaysian flags 2 weeks prior to Merdeka Day. No one asked them to do that. It just came naturally to them. Like me, they know no other country than Malaysia. Nationalism is in the heart, not the skin.

The politicians can say whatever they want but again, what was the INTENTION in saying those things? Was it for unity or disunity? As a responsible-tax-paying rakyat, to me what matters is the NOW and the FUTURE of ALL.

The choice for the future is in our hands.

Buaya69 says,"We will live and die in a small pond called Malaysia".

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