Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SueAnne's 4th birthday

July 1 was SueAnne's 4th birthday. Mrs B took her to the bakery to select her own cake, and I just managed to join them in time.

Mrs B: No, this cake is nicer. Look! It's almond cake. Or how about this green tea cake?

SueAnne: No no no, I want this chocolate cake.

Mrs B: But that's so sweeeeetttttt. Look at all those moist chocolate.

SueAnne: I wantttttttt, pleaseeeeee?

Suzanne: eeyyyeeerr, chocolate is so sweet. I don't like.

[ting! cue Buaya daddy's entrance into the bakery]

Me: Ah yes, chocolate cake, yes! Let's buy that cake, heh!

You see, Buaya daddy also likes chocolates. No, make that luuurrrvvveee chocolates. And lil'SueAnne has been telling me for more than a month that she wanted a chocolate cake for her birthday and I promised, behind Mrs B's back, that I would get the cake for her. Hehehe, like Like Father Like Daughter :P

Buaya69 says,"Happy Birthday princess, muacks!"


mama bok said...

Happy birthday.. Sweetie..!

Bart said...

Happy 4th Birthday! :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to SueAnne!


hyelbaine said...

Aahaaaa....Sifu still blogs! Excellent! ;)

Cheers!!! :D

shky said...

Happy belated birthday to SueAnne

Anonymous said...


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