Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Source: http://www.needak-rebounders.com

Mrs B brought back a rebounder today. A rebounder is one of those boing-boing mini trampoline that circus artists or acrobats jump on to go high high.

Me: Aiyak! Where am I going to place this in our little house on the bukit? In the living room?

Mrs B: Yes, correct correct correct! Look here, it's good for the kids and our health, ok? Furthermore, I paid for it.... [gives stare of death]

Me: Gulp, ok ok. -_-"""

The girls just lurrrrvvveeee the rebounder. Little SueAnne was jumping up and down until she was all drenched in perspire. I too gave it a try. Man, good fun! And the best part of putting it in the living room is that you get to bounce bounce and yet watch Astro, muahahahahar!

Buaya69 says, "Hmmm, I wonder whether this is gonna make me tummy slimmer.... heh!"


MsPuzzles said...

think of getting one

Buaya69 said...

mspuzzles: be careful of low ceilings, and don't get over-ambitious! [cough cough... oops!]

mama bok said...

i wanna buy one for the brat too.. but PB said hor.. given that the brat so naughty.. sure lah fall down and break her head.. muahhaha!!

oliviasy said...

"... bounce bounce..." mmm... ahem, soli think senget sikit :P

Buaya69 said...

mamabok: go ahead, buy it! you will be amazed at how quick kids learn to balance and do tricks on the bouncing net. :)

oliviasy: bwahahaha! giving you newly weds some ideas, eh?

mrs b said...

its one of the recomended exercise for cancer patients and about the few exercise that really works your lymph nodes