Friday, May 23, 2008

Expensive taste (3)

Last Sunday, at the Curve PJ....

Suzanne: Daddy look... cars! Can we go see? Can we? Can we? Please please please?

Me: Hmmm, nice cars. Why not? Which car do you fancy?

Suzanne: Mmmm.... THAT one!

Me: Wahlaueh! -_-"""

Source: Paultan.org

We went closer and stepped into this huge metal cavern on wheels named Honda Elysion....

Suzanne: Wah, so biggggg! I likeeee! Daddy, please buy this car? We can then drive to Langkawi, Singapore... wahhhh, I like!

Me: Darling, that car costs RM280K, no way we can afford it.

Suzanne: Is that expensive?

Me: Yes... it's like thousands and thousands and thousands of Barbie dolls....

I'm sorry dear. Daddy's not going to waste money on such things. He's going to save money for your education. Abuden, that Playstation 3 looks good, heh! :P

Buaya69 says,"OMG! RM7k for car insurance??? -_-"""


mama bok said...

hehehe!! better line up some prince.. for Suzanne.. ;)

Anonymous said...


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MsPuzzles said...

Wahhhh now this advert deal...if so...can buy lah the car hahahhahahahhahah

Buaya69 said...

mamabok: hehe, if the prince is a "goodfornothing", i will wack him kau-kau with my kayu belian! :D :P

elmer: thank you but no, cheers! ;)

mspuzzles: bwahahaha! with the traffic this blog gets, lunch money pun tarak cukup!