Monday, April 14, 2008

Sick Sick Sick @ Langkawi

Yup, sick. Not of Langkawi but got sick there, hence the normal sllllooooowww moooowww updates in this blog.

Mrs B, Suzanne and SueAnne, the 3 most important ladies in my life, fell sick during our Langkawi trip. They each had the cough, flu and fever symptoms but during a vacation trip, it's really a down-ner. The hot and humid weather at Langkawi, and the air-cond hotel room didn't help either.

Anyway, it has been a month already and we (yes, I kena bedridden for 3 days) have yet to fully recover from the flu bug. It was so bad that we finally visited our traditional chinese practitioner at Sri Petaling. This chap from China is good but expensive as he uses REAL herbs. Mrs B will take the herbs home and boil them for us.

As Mrs B was pouring out the herbs meant for Suzanne into a bowl...

Mrs B: EeeeEEEE!! So many BUGGGGSSSS!

Me: What what??


Me: *Look look* Hmmm, looks like dried crickets but they are a bit larger than the ones I normally see. It that case, could be grasshoppers. Better not tell Suzanne what we are boiling for her to drink!! :P :P :P

Mrs B: EEEEE! Jijik! I have never seen bugs being used in chinese medicine before, jijik!

Me: Errr, dear... how about my herbs? Got crawlies also? -_-""

Mrs B: You? Don't think so wor...

Me: Phew! :P

We would be visiting the chinese doctor soon. Will ask him what those crawlies are, just to satisfy my curiosity, heh!

Buaya69 says, "Roasted crickets are nice (ate them in Thailand), but boiled crickets??? Errr..."

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mama bok said...

Bummer..!! Hope you are all feeling better by now eh.. :)