Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mandi laut @ Langkawi Part 1

My my my, how gathers the cobwebs in this blog, oops!

With the 12th general elections behind us, the Belacans family is, at this precise moment, holidaying in Langkawi. This is the first time I am posting from my 3G handphone.

Last year April, we stayed at Tanjung Sanctuary Resort, nearer to Pantai Kok. We absolutely LOVED that place but alas, they are undergoing renovation now. So here we are, at Sunset Beach Resort on Pantai Tengah.

After Tanjung Sanctuary, this place is a bit of a let down but it's still a great place and I'll recommend Sunset Beach Report to anyone. Most of the guests here are Europeans and Australians, and I have yet to meet a fellow Malaysian guest. The layout is very green and Balinese like, each staying in single storey semi-dee chalets. The staff here wins hands down for superb customer experience. Forgive me, but on occassions I did feel I was not in Malaysia because the service was just too good, heh!

Oops, got to log off now. Time for dinner. Now what shall we have tonight?

I'll be back :)


shky said...

Where are the masterpieces from the Leica machine?

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Man bro, been ages since I read your blogs. I really miss your hot gucci mommas post in years gone by...

Yammm Seng!!!

Buaya69 said...

shky: aiyoh, no time yet lar! you know where i am lor, that's why lor! :D

hustler: bruder! oi, next time you come down to kl, email me lar! we go cucimata together, muahahahahar!