Wednesday, November 14, 2007

9th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks our 9th wedding anniversary.

Time really flies. I could still remember our wedding night where many many things went HORRIBLY WRONG, horrors! Sometimes I do feel like having another wedding dinner, just to make up for it, heh! Yeah yeah yeah, I am becoming less common sense ;)

If any young couple asks us today, I would most likely advise them not to have the usual wedding dinner. A small dinner with immediate families from both sides will suffice. Honestly, these day, many relatives would thank you for NOT inviting them, especially when a simple dinner table easily costs RM1,000! Back in 1997, we were already struggling with RM400 per table. Inflation.... but DPM Najib did say "Change your LIFESTYLE"... duh?

If we did not had that big hotel wedding, 45 tables in all, I think we probably would end up having a 6 table dinner just for close relatives from both families. As for close friends, we would probably have a small get together, maybe at a hotel buffet or potluck at home, just to introduce the spouse to our closest buddies. Simple, right?

For the past 6 months, Mrs B has been quite stressed at work. These are difficult times, even for financial institutions and the pressure to survive is sheer compelling. I was thinking hard what to give to her as a show of my love, something that is not flashy like jewelries, which she doesn't wear anyway, something almost practical on a daily basis.

Think.... think.... think....

Finally, I gave her this, a blue iPod nano 8Gb, to have some stress release while at work.

And she can plug it into the car's player through the iPod adapter, which is another story here. Looking at the total cost, I think all these can be grouped as wedding anniversary, Christmas and even till next year's birthday presents, muahahahar! Yeah, I am kedekut king. Now going back to saving for the kiddos education, ouch!

Speaking of which, when I presented Mrs B with the iPod nano, she main "tak mau lar, why you buy so expensive one? you should save lar" and all that jazz. Enter our lil'SueAnne, 3 year old predator, who pounced on the opportunity and said, "My one! Daddy, mummy dowan, I want."... seriously! And then Mrs B quickly said, "I want I want!" Bwahahahaha! Just like her daddy, she sure knows a good thing when she sees one ;)

Anyway, may we have many more years of happy togetherness as a family, muacks to Mrs B!

Buaya69 trying luck... "Wii Wii?...." *cough cough*


mumsgather said...

Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs B. Wah wah wah. Such a nice present. For my anniversary, I oni got dinner wor. Dinner which I planned, if not dinner oso takdak. Hahaha.

dobbs said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the missus. Wishing you many more happy years together :)

Bart said...

Happy Anniversary! May you both be blessed with many many more anniversaries to come.

maria said...

happy anniversary! I got the same feeling as you after my wedding.. feel wanna having another wedding ceremony and dinner..

cbenc12 said...

so sweet.. so what mrs buaya got for u?

Buaya69 said...

MG: dinner is good! the way to a man's heart is thru the stomach, hehehe

dobbs: tq tq tq! you and PalmDoc are our inspirasi ;)

bart: tq tq tq! sama-sama to you and angie ;)

maria: bwahahaha! then plan for that 10th anniversary dinner lar, don't let me stop you ;) ;) ;)

cbenc12: hehe, told Mrs B not to get me anything. december and jan coming wor - insurance, car roadtax and school books... aiyak, need money leh! :P

TheDato' Fazly said...

hello... happy aniversary ;).. waaaaaaaaa i want an ipod.. T_T

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

You are a romantic but practical accountant!

Contradicting hor?

But it's true! Happy anniversary! Many more great years to come, ok? :)

mama bok said...

Happy Anniversary..! So sweet of you to think of the ipod.. ;)

oliviasy said...

do buffet style. ppl can sit anywhere they want and take wateva food they like. and u dun even hvta stand at the door and greet ppl XD