Monday, December 17, 2007

Back from holidays

The Buaya69 family just came back from holiday yesterday. We went to Johor Bahru to visit my sister's family, then crossed the causeway into Singapore, back to KL for 2 short nights before driving up to Cameron Highlands. Phew!

Photos and stories to follow soon, after I clear 2 weeks of unread emails, arrrgghhh!


WaiSign said...

we demand for more updates and pictars!! ROAR!!! :D

Merry Christmas buaya :D

MamaBoK said...

Can't wait..! in the meantime.. Merry Christmas..and Happy Holidays to you and yours.. :)

mumsgather said...

Happy New Year to the Buaya family! Cheers!

shky said...

Quick show me the pictures !

Dato' Fazly said...

come Mr Buaya... hurry up...!!!! (desperate for one of ur posts..) hahaha