Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bus spotting

In August, I took the family up to Genting and stayed at Awana Genting. Mrs B did all the arrangement so kudos to the wifey. Me leh? Well, I played my usual role of "driver-cum-porter", heh!

Awana is not at the hilltop so the resort provided a shuttle bus to/fro Awana Genting to the Skyway cable cars. While in the bus, Mrs B sat with lil'SueAnne while I took care of Suzanne. Based on our experience when SueAnne was about 2 years old, we both thought that she will be afraid as the bus winds up and down the hill to the cable car. Little did we know, she actually enjoyed it this time.

There was once I was a bit slow in changing and she hurried me by saying,"Daddy, quick quick! Bus! Bus!". We thought it was quite cute.

2 months later....

Waiting at traffic lights and a Rapid KL bus pulled along side.

SueAnne: Daddy, bus!

Me: Yes, biiiiigggg bus.

SueAnne: I want bus! Daddy, I want bus!

Me: No no, now driving.

SueAnne: No no, bus bus! I want bus!

Me: errr, well, I want aeroplane, hah!

Suzanne: haha, and I want train!

SueAnne: No, bus bus!

Mrs B: And I want a cruise ship! *wink wink*

Me: -_-"" *gulp!*

Buaya69 sings, "I am sailing, I am sailing..."


Jasonmumbles said...

Keluarga Buaya69? Haha! Changed blog name already.

Welcome back, Uncle Buaya. How's everything?

Buaya69 said...

Jason: super duper kau kau BUSY! but apart from that, semua OK! :P

TheDato' Fazly said...

hey... u shud update this blog more.. a big fan of ur keluarga... hikhik

Mama22Beas said...

FINALLY...an update, update on Buaya's blog *jump,jump*

Buaya69 said...

fazly and mama22beas: aiyakz, guilty as charged! apologies apologies. have been super-busy until it became ridiculously insane, heh! targeting to do at least one post per week ;)

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Soon your girls are gonna say, "Daddy I want a 60 table reception in a posh hotel, the more posh the better...quick Daddy, before the bookings all run out...!!"

Children, they grow up before our eyes, much too fast for us to catch up with!

Buaya69 said...

pinky: *spluttered coffee on monitor* please, please, not time for heart attack yet, hehehe.

btw, nice blog you have there ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

yoohoo...what a surprise. read all your old posts some time back and was wondering if you're abandoning this ship. looking forward to more of your buaya humour

Buaya69 said...

mom's diary: 1000x1000 apologies. busy at work lar. when i have time, i rather go home than blog. nanti the girls don't recognise buaya daddy, susah then! :P