Thursday, June 14, 2007

Suzanne was stabbed at school

*Buaya phone ringing with super Ah Beng ring tone*

B69: *didn't recognise number* Hello?

Teacher: Hello? Is that B69? I am Suzanne's class teacher, Mrs T.

B69: Ah yes, Mrs T. How can I help you?

Teacher: This morning, a classmate of Suzanne, stabbed her hand with a pen. I have already put some iodine on her wound but she still said that it's painful. Afterwards when she goes home, you have a look at her, ok?

B69: What? Someone stabbed her with a pen? Is she hurt seriously? -_-"""

Teacher: Not so bad, just a small wound. As for the boy who did this to her, I have taken him to the Headmistress and he has been punished. Actually, this boy sits beside your daughter and because of this, I will be separating them.

B69: Ah, good to hear that it was not a serious wound. Thank you Mrs T for looking after our daughter.

Mrs T: Ok, please have a look at her when she goes home.

B69: Will do, bye.

*Immediately calls Mrs B*

Mrs B: Hi dear!

B69: Our daughter's just been stabbed at school! *drama king*

Mrs B: What???? *panic tone*

B69: Yes, by a pen!

Mrs B: *panicking* How is she!!! Where is she now???? *almost hysterical*

B69: Hehe, don't panic ler. Teacher told me that the boy seated next to her stabbed Suzanne's hand with a pen. She said she had applied iodine to the wound, small one, not to worry, but our precious princess is saying that it's still painful.

Mrs B: @#$% you, don't scare me like that lar!

B69: *I deserved to be punished too*

Anyway, when I got home, I immediately when to see Suzanne's wound. Stupid boy actually stabbed her on the right WRIST! Thank god he didn't puncture any veins..... @#$%&!!!

I felt bad. Suzanne has been complaining about this boy since school started in January - about how he pulls her hair, takes things from her pencil case, calls her and us names (like your mother is a smelly stupid cow) and etc etc etc. But I always thought those were just naughty boy stuff. I heard Suzanne but I should have LISTENED! :(

Emotionally, I felt like stringing that boy onto an old car as target practice for some HE shells fired from a Carl Gustav. Stab my girl? Go DIE! Man! I also felt like barging into that boy's house (incidentally, he stays in the same Taman and goes to school in the same school bus) and drag his parents out for some good lastic session. I would be doing the world a favour by ensuring not another moron is born. Arrrghh! *rage rage rage*

Ok, peace. Saja emo emo.

Suzanne is ok now. No scars too. She is happily seated with another girl right in front of the teachers desk. As for the boy? I don't even know how he looks like but I sure hoped he got it kaw-kaw from the Headmistress and his parents ;)

Buaya69 says... "Touch my gal? May a billion camel ticks invade your asshole!"


fishtail said...

Thank God she's not seriously wounded. As for that kid, the school should have a permanent file on him, that would move with him from primary school to secondary school to college or university, so that he would be tracked for any future psycho behavior and thrown inside the Henry Gurney School for so long that by the time he comes out, his own mother wouldn't recognize him.

lilian said...

Aiyor, so kesian. I hope the boy is not having some medical problems, If normal one, I sure want to pass by and steal a cubit till he blue black and when teacher ask, buat bodoh, mana ada, tarak lah. Let me finish the curse for you....and the hand is too short to scratch the asshole. LOL.

Arth said...

blame it on the parents, dad. seriously, things like this start at home and folks for allowing their children watch violent movies on the tube and video games.

Gene Lim said...

I am glad that Suzanne is okie...but i hope the headmistress is doing some serious discipline here...he might use pen for now...what if he use knife or gun or whatever..who knows...?
His parents should get involve...

Mama22Beas said...

Panas hati I baca ni, anyway glad that she is ok. Sometimes think, to intefere and talk to the parents is not really good, but if I'm your shoes I sure get tempted a lot la. Hope the boy gets good punishment.
BTW, emailed Mrs B anout the TA already.

dragonfish said...

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leave comment k... pretty fucked...hehe

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Buaya69 said...

fishtail: hahaha, that's what i felt initially abuden, the young ones should be given a chance to redeem themselves, right? i hope the parents are being good gatekeepers ;)

lilian: oh yah, forgot about that part! bwahahahah ROTFLOL!

arth: or non-existent parents? you know lar, kat kayel ni, hobi ialah cari duit aje. so blame it on the gahmen? hehehe. thanks for the concern ;)

genelim: i know, that's a scary thot, right? especially when he's still Suzanne's classmate and bus sekolah mate *shivers me timbers!*

mama: nothing a good ol'rotan cannot cure, that's what me discipline teacher used to say :P. thanks for the TA. and to clarify again, it's not for me, ok? hehehe :P

dragonfish: dude, you should rename your blog "Fucked Up" or something like that. more apt :P :D :P

mama bok said...

Aiyoh.. !! Mr B..!! you scared me lor..!! when i read the heading..!! make me panic..too leh..! can imagine how panic Mrs B got..!! Aiyoh..!! you terrible lah.. :P i nearly got heart attack you know..!!
Glad that Suzanne is ok.. :)

milkmaid said...

Oh dear!! If it was me - I sudah tak boleh tahan : I'll probably drive to the school, march up to the rascal and slap him liao --- Or call his parents and tell them what happened.

eve said...

Yup , glad that Suzanne is okay..I am sure the headmistress would have inform the boy's parents as well ..Harap harap perkara ni takkan berulang...

Joez said...

Aiyo so young so violent liao. I think the school should at least talk to the boy's parents la. Punishing the boy might not work. It might bring more negative effect. I believe the parents should be aware of their kid's behaviour, maybe parents not giving enough attention to him.

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