Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SueAnne, the Buaya killer

I am having some difficulty in writing this blog piece, because it is a bit complicated to express. So to cut it short, here's what happened.

1) I was lying on my bed reading a magazine while Mrs B was reading a book

2) In came toddler SueAnne and little girl Suzanne

3) Toddler SueAnne plonked herself between me and Mrs B
3.1) Toddler SueAnne screamed murder because she did not have enough space in between us
3.2) Toddler SueAnne began kicking me and screamed repeatedly "Go away! Go away!"

4) Daddy Buaya69 got irritated but didn't want to scold toddler SueAnne so he got up and went to the kids room to read his very precious car magazine (heh!)

5) Toddler SueAnne then came out from our room and stood outside her (kids) room and yelled "Why you angry with SueAnne, huh? huh? huh? Why you angry? hmpph!"

6) Daddy Buaya69 ignored toddler SueAnne. Inside, he was thinking whether he should reach for the hidden rotan....

7) Toddler SueAnne came into the room and again asked/scolded "Why you angry???"
7.1) Daddy Buaya69 replied in a soft and polite manner, "Because you were so rude. You kicked Daddy out of the bed. Why should I not be angry and rotan you?"

8) Toddler SueAnne paused for a while and then....
8.1) pulled my arm and sweetly say "come lar" wanting me to go back to my bedroom
8.2) Daddy Buaya69 merajuk and didn't budged from the bed. Toddler SueAnne didn't give up and kept on pulling my arm and then my fingers and sweetly urging me "come lar daddy...."

9) Daddy Buaya69 fell for toddler SueAnne's surprising turn of manners and gladly let SueAnne led him back to the master bedroom by his fingers

10) Back in the room, SueAnne and Daddy Buaya69 played like nothing happened, all forgiven.
10.1) Mummy Mrs B was puzzled and asked "What happened?"
10.2) Daddy Buaya69 explained everything, to Mrs B's amazement.

Conclusion? We have a natural Buaya Killer in toddler SueAnne, the expert emotional manipulator at 2.5 years old only.

Buaya69 says, "Warning to all mummy's with toddler sons. enroll your sons to the same kindy with our toddler SueAnne at your own risks, heh!"


Egghead said...

the buaya title left you long ago since your first daughter was born ler... LOL!

Mama22Beas said...

How come my kids not like that? Following the mother, kot?
BTW, your tongkat is here already since Tuesday.

Gene Lim said...

hahahah..i know where Sue Anne got her Buaya killer tactics eh ;)

shky said...

Buaya 69 - Face it the buaya days for u long gone lah hehehe

mrs b said...

mama: thanks so much for helping us to get the tongkat ali. Apologies too as I was away all of last week - SA had the hfm infection. Have to make plans to meet up with you to pick it up, maybe will get B to get it from you, to make sure there isn't any chance of passing on remnants of the hfm virus. I couldn't quite get your email add from your blog, in the meantime here's mine; chanlwr@yahoo.com

eve said...

Funny , I tried to access ur blog thru ur URL , but it din direct me here..I got here thru VT's link...
Your SueAnne so clever...Which kindy lar?..haha..

Buaya69 said...

egghead: sure or not? i refuse to listen to the truth, hehehe :P

mama: thanks! btw, not MY tongkat lar :P :D

genelim: ya, downloaded biologically in Matrix style :P

shky: once a buaya, always a buaya! hehehe :P

eve: wanna match make my girl to your baby boy? can! :P

mama bok said...

Hhahahahah!! very smart..!! your SueAnne..! my Chloe 3.5 .. also donch know how to do that.. hahhaha!!

Sleekblackmercedes said...

Been a long while since I came online blogging, nice to see you again Buaya. Just glad to see an old friend.

Restarted Hustler Diaries again. Hope to see you around pal :)