Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tongkat Ali

Mrs B: Dear, do you know where to buy some tongkat ali?

B69: errr.... tongkat ali? -_-"""

Mrs B: Ya, I want to buy some but I want the real one. Not those pills type one.

B69: errr... must be at the Malay shops lor. I don't think the chinese traditional medicine shop got. anyway.... why do you want to buy tongkat ali? -_-""""

Mrs B: I read in the paper that it's good for rei-something-something-sinustititis.

B69: Huh? What's that?

Mrs B: Neh, rei-something-something-tititis leh. That's what I am suffering from mar.

B69: OOOOHHHH! I seeeeeee. :D

Mrs B: What! You think for you ar? :P

B69: How I know? hehehe. Ok ok, I go ask my malay kaki's. They sure know one.

Mrs B: Really? I bet you are going to have a tough time explaining to them that it's for your wife, kakakaka!

B69: -_-"""

Source: http://www.rainforestherbs.com.my

Buaya69 asks... "Anyone know where I can get 100% tulin tongkat ali root in KL? Kat Alor Star I know la but in KL..."


Egghead said...

LOL! I also got sinus problem wor... maybe I should get some also... probably will have nice "side-effects" :P

Buaya69 said...

egghead: aiyah, you no need ler. as proven with no.2 coming, hehehe. congrats bro!

milkmaid said...

interesting blog....a refreshing read from all the mommie blogs that I visit.. cheerio

Mama22Beas said...

Aiyah...I used to have some, got it from my fieldtrip on Gunung Machinchang in Langkawi, it is tongkat ali heaven, I tell you. Lost already la, now I think it must be papa23beas punya keja ni! Told him he did not need it*sigh*
Good luck on trying to convince your friends it's for wifey hehe.

Buaya69 said...

Milkmaid: izzit? tq tq, but here sometimes a bit gila one :P

Mama23beas: PATUTLAH! hehehe! ya, Langkawi is heaven for tongkat ali. collected quite a lot from there too ;)

shky said...

Buaya 69, I think u are the one who wants the TAli. Dun use wifey as a shield lah ! heheh

Mama22Beas said...

Have you got it? If you are serious, hubby mentioned a colleague is coming down from Langkawi tomorrow (I'm sure u know la, I always share ur blog with hubby hehe). RM40 per pack, dunno the market price la and dunno how big the pack is, that's what the guy said. If you want, let me know la.

Buaya69 said...

shky: haiyer, dun say loud loud lar! you and i also getting tua leh :P

mama: 100% nak! tq tq tq ;)

Emphbone said...

look at Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP) UTM Kuala Lumpur..

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