Friday, May 25, 2007

Motherboard kaputed

Last blog update was May 13... basket! And could that have been a jinxed date? Loads of things had happened on that infamous day....

Anyway, the 13 month old Dell PC at home gave up it's heart. After diagnosing by pulling out the ram, sound card and modem, switched it on and... silence.... yup, the board's DEAD! Called Dell up and a SYT voice by the name of a calendar month answered. Naturally, I turned from Belacan to Buaya *cough cough*

Not sure which engineer will attend to me. Could it be that 62% evil blogger up north? Nah...

In the meantime, can't put up any of the pics that I have planned for both my blogs. Grrrr!

Buaya69 asks... "what sizzled the drizzle off my pixels? KNN!"

1 comment:

mama bok said...

Real Bummer..hor..! my hard drive also dying on me.. !! giving me so much trouble. .but i quite el-cheapo.. waiting for someone to come in with a real cheap laptop. .then i can get a laptop instead.. hahhahhhahha!