Sunday, May 13, 2007

I missed my family

Work has been terrible these past weeks. As they say in cantonese, "Orr see also got no time ler!"

I really missed my two kids. By the time I come back home, they are already asleep with Mrs B. The only thing waiting for me are cold leftovers for a very very very late dinner. And I still wonder why my waistline is increasing, hehehe.

Today, I had to work in office, despite it being a non-working Saturday. Basket. When I came home late evening, toddler SueAnne just wants me to carry her everywhere. I was tired but she refused to take no for an answer. Maybe I should learn about persistence and active persuasion from her ;).

Upon carrying her, she then refused to come down! Not that I am really really complaining, on the contrary, I quite enjoyed it. There's a certain warmth when you carry a child in your arms, that trust they put into you and that feeling of being wanted coz they really want to be in your arms. I wonder whether I am making any sense at all ;)

I am now blogging from the KLIA. Paid RM10 at Cafe Marche for 50 minutes of internet usage. What to do? I don't have a wifi PDA/handphone yet. Now, if only I had a Nokia E61.... hehehe.

The check-in counters are very much quieter now after the China flights have departed. This is the first time I come across China bound tour groups flying at such late hours. Having said that, mine is worst. Departing at 4am *yawn*.

Well, time to go through my materials. I have 7 hours of flight time to sleep (snore) through, hehehe.

Buaya69 says... "I wonder will the business class stewardess tuck me in? muahahahahar!"


just me said...

Waistline still increasing because a heavy meal eaten just before retiring for the night ( even "cold" ) will help one to put on weight...

Mama BoK said...

Poor thing..!! i guess.. there is really no choice.. for us..since we wanna make a living eh..?? but it sure suxs big time.. not to be able to spend some quality time with the family..! what does Mrs B .. have to say about it..??

mrs b said...

hehe, who's that stranger a? Sort of forgotten how he looks like already