Thursday, January 11, 2007

We survived the 1st week of school!

It is now the 2nd week schooling for Suzanne. Both Mrs B and I have sort of gotten into a morning routine.

Mrs B will wake-up before 6am, prepare breakfast for Suzanne, wake her up and dress her for school. Me? Wake up latest by 6.15am, shower and get dressed (plus tie summore). As the school starts at 7.30am sharp, Suzanne and I must leave the house latest by 7am. Any seconds later than that, I run the risk of arriving past 7.30am. Do you know that KL traffic is already crawling by 7am? Dang.

Beginning the 2nd week of school, traffic at the school is getting bearable as most parents already know where to park without choking the road. I usually park about 50m from the gate and walk Suzanne into the school, unlike some kiasu parents who will queue to drop their kids right in front of the gate!

During the 1st week, parents were allowed into the school for two days.

Did Suzanne cry?
Not a wee bit. She was very happy with school and was extremely delighted to find a few of her kindy friends there as well. I was speaking to the Headmistress and she commented that to her surprise, this year only had a handful of cry babies. She winked that most of them were boys too ;)

Gathering of old friends
Another surprise was in stored for Mrs B and I. We met so many of our friends and acquaintances there, so it was also a gathering for mommy and daddy. A few already had more than one kid studying there and we were showered with so many advices like "get two school bags for your girl. One big for text books and another smaller one for exercise books, so they don't have to carry a big heavy bag", "do you know that the school canteen can cater food for your girl? so she won't have to line up like the rest".

OK, this is not the Buaya blog but I must mention that Mrs B and I saw so many hotmamas. A few even have that "model" and exotic look *cough cough* How about the daddys? Well, what can you expect from mid-30s males who have not hit the gym in years? hehehe

Teachers and school administration
Mrs B and I are super impressed with the teachers and the PIBG. To my surprise, the PIBG President is my uni-senior, and the first thing after our "long time no see" greeting, he asked "any suggestions to improve the school?" Wahlaueh, so pressurising. Macam going for an interview!

OMG! The school have their own fleet of buses! So on the first day, Mrs B and Suzanne took a school bus that went to our housing area, just to try out. Wahlaueh, got aircond one you know? Totally unheard of during my schooling days. (And buses were for those that can afford the fees. Me? Went to school on bus no. 11 i.e. walked!)

Well, here's to a good year ahead :)

Belacans says.. "I yam the best dressed Daddy-send-kiddo-to-school winner, heh!" *perasan betul* :P


Jason said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out to be fine for your little girl. Hehe. I am amused by the bus part.

dobbs said...

Glad to hear Suzanne settled in well. Hotmamas sending kids to school? Are you sure you weren't just sleepy and eyes not focused so early in the morning?

Mama22Beas said...

Though Bea1 will only be in Std 1 in two years time, I got all overwhelmed already reading your post.

Pinky said...

Tsk tsk - it ticks me off when guys commit "visual" betrayals in front of their wives *lol*

Belacan said...

Jason: the next generation usually gets more pampered ;)

dobbs: yup, wide awake. In certain ways, Mrs B and I were more excited than Suzanne, bwahahaha!

Mama22beas: hahaha! Super Mama can never be overwhelmed one, ;)

Pinky: errr... *quietly dial Mr Brain's handphone to ajak him keluar cucimata*... :P