Friday, December 29, 2006

Deadline 2007-01-03

Pinnafores - checked!

Two pairs of school shoes - checked!

Socks - checked!

School bag - checked!

Colour pencils - checked!

Water colour and brushes - checked!

Pencil case - checked!

Pencils, eraser, ruler and sharpener - errr, not sure. To check.

School books - WARNING! Not purchased yet! *ting ting ting ting ting - alarm bells*

Ok Ok, must go to school tomorow (Saturday) and buy the books. Is RM100 enough? No? Aiyak!

Yes, our sweet Suzanne is going to Primary 1 come 3 January. And the best part is, Daddy here has committed to send her to school every morning! Yes, Mrs B was amazed but very very sceptical.

"Are you sure? The school bus is only giving us RM20 discount for just picking her up after school, you know?"

Yes, I am sure, 100%! Hope it's not a new year's resolution gung-ho-ness though, hehe. Yah, gotta take annual leave like all first-time-kiddo-schooling parents. I shall be contributing to the traffic jam around the school come 3rd and 4th January, muahahahahar!

Well, here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2007!

Belacans says... "Aiyak! No more late nights! Must sleep when Suzanne sleeps, boo hoo hoo" ;)


Wingz said...

haha brader i joining u ... my devil going to kindy 1

Gene Lim said...

wah..daddy got all excited or not? ... better sleep early on 2nd Jan lor ;)

dobbs said...

Wah big day indeed -- the first day of school.
Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

domesticgoddess said...

RM100 sure not enough for books!! Somemore on 1st day have to pay misc fees leh1 :(
Wah so good eh the school buss offer discount for one trip. Here one trip or return trip is the same fare leh...
How was Suzanne adapting to school? My boy also starting primary one this year.

Belacan said...

wingz: bro, kindy fees more expensive than school fees!

genelim: my fav song now is "Wake me up before you go go" heh!

dobbs: ya, and take annual leave summore! Now i know how parents of school going kids go thru ;)

dG: I am sure your boy enjoyed school, eh?