Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How a schooling kiddo changed Mr Belacan

A schooling kiddo can do more changes to a man than his wife can ever will. Ladies, mark my words, heh!

Change #1: No more waking up late, ever!
Monday to Friday - Wake up latest by 6.15am, shower, change and then send Suzanne to school by 7.00am.

Thinking of sleeping in late on a Saturday morning? Forget it! Your bio-alarm clock will wake you up by 6.15am... unless you got yourself pissed drunk on a Friday night, which I did two Fridays ago *hic!* :P

These days, I am normally working at my desk by 7.45am, dang...

Change #2: You become a safer driver
I have seen a few desperado fathers/mothers speeding in their cars/MPVs near the school, just to get their kid to school on time. Everytime I see these cars, my blood boils and I say a silent prayer. Hopefully these bangku drivers don't knock into any child. Can't they see the many kids walking on the side of the road? I shudder to think of a bangku driver losing control of their car as they make that illegal 360 degree turn near the entrance to Suzanne's school. *gulp*

Recently, even Mrs B admitted that I have become a better driver. The automatic transmission car does not jerk that much (as I don't press the accelerator like a manual car anymore, hehehe) and my braking is way smoother. What to do? I have become a chauffeur to my precious!

Change #3: You start to listen to your kiddo
Not that I have not been listening in the past but these days, I want to know who her best friend(s) is/are, what happened in class, what she thought of this and that. And you know why? More for security reasons lar. I want to be the first to know if a still wet-behind-the-ears kiddo-buaya-wannabe is going after my Suzanne! Bwahahahaha!

Change #4: You look forward to meetings/conventions in hotels
A few key reasons for this. Firstly, I get to go home earlier than normal. I usually leave the office after 8pm.... every night, sigh...

The other key reason is PENCILS! I make it a point to collect as many pencils left on the tables as I can. Call me kedekut if you want. Heck, I am a trained accountant after all, muahahahar!

Change #5: You wanna look good physically
I am 5'8" and is dang overweight at 80kgs. Suzanne is super observant of everything, albeit have shorter and selected memory (just like her getting-older daddy here). When Mrs B said that I need to loose some weight, I said "Ya ya ya" and continued eating my nasi lemak ayam. But when Suzanne asked me, "Daddy, why are you so fat?", now that triggered the warning bells in my head.

Your daughters would want their daddy to look good, handsome if possible, hehehe. So beginning this year, I need to workout more often and loose 10 kgs. As a start, I am targeting to loose 1 kg by Chinese New Year and then maintain that during the festive period. Yah, it's gonna be a looooonnngggg year for me, sob sob.

Belacans says... "Yo mama! I am (gonna be) too sexy for this blog, heh!"


dobbs said...

But don't you agree that these are changes for the better? ;)

Belacan said...

dobbs: really? i need a second opinion, hehehe :P

Mae said...

I am also sending Jesse to the kindi and I too have to make the same adjustments like you did, NOT EASY but what to do, for the kid's sake, ermmm all except the losing weight part :)