Friday, January 19, 2007

Suzanne has HFM!

It's confirmed. Suzanne has the Hand-Foot-Mouth (HFM) disease. She has blisters on her left arm and rashes on her left palm. I just hope she doesn't develop sores in the mouth and throat. Now, that would be real painful. Sigh... it's just the 10th day of school and she gets HFM? :(

Last night, we separated the two girls so I slept with Suzanne in her room while Mrs B slept with baby SueAnne in the master bedroom. Hopefully the HFM virus does not spread to baby SueAnne.

Having said that, we didn't know Suzanne had HFM and without thinking much, we punctured the blisters on Suzanne's left arm two nights ago. Ok, now we know we shouldn't have done that because the fluid from the blister is infectious. I hope Mrs B does not get sick because she did the puncturing. :(

HFM is transferrable through contact but is not water-borne, hence no school, no baby-sitter, but stay at home until she recovers. (I would have loved that myself, heh!) Right now, we are making sure that Suzanne takes lots of fluids and does not get dehydrated. Maybe I will make her some fruit juices this weekend ;)

Update @ 22 Jan 2007:
Suzanne is better now. Many thanks for the well wishes and prayers. Interestingly, she didn't develop any fever and the rashes/blisters were just confined to her left arm and hand. We read that HFM is contagious on contact but praise God that baby SueAnne didn't get it. Although we tried separating them, we gave up eventually as being sisters, they have a natural magnetism to play and fight throughout the weekend! Arrghh! Who says parenting is easy?

Of course, no one's more worried than Mrs B and taking pains in caring for the girls *muacks muacks muacks* ;)

p/s - I can hear Mrs B saying, "You need more than kisses!"

Belacans says... "OK, no Ikea or Mid-Valley this weekend" ;)


Jason said...

Sorry to hear that, Uncle Buaya! Hope she gets well asap!

dobbs said...

Sorry to hear that Suzanne is unwell -- hope she gets well soon!

5xmom said...

Awww..so kesian. Hope she gets better real soon.

School is a bitch. My Std. Five son had been sick in the first week, recovered and got sick again yesterday. Skipped three days of school already. The germs from school! Grrrrss

shky said...

aiyo, how can? looks like lotsa germs from school eh

Egghead said...

aiks! sorry to hear about this... speedy recovery to Suzanne!

Belacan said...

All: Thanks guys, for all the well wishes and prayers. Suzanne is better now and can return to school tomorrow. Updated in the post. :)

Mama22Beas said...

I just read this, and being a mom to sick kids, I just didn't have the time to blog it!
Hear this, ok....ALL 3 Beas got it. Luckily, ur girl didn't get the mouth ulcers. Mine all started with that, and it was awful...they were hungry but could not eat, even sipping water hurt. Bea1 returns to school today, and the other 2 are getting better!
Will blog it soon.

Papi said...

Aiyo, poor Suzanne. Get well soon.
Yiyi also down with fever, 5 days aldy. I think it's the season, and the school also.

thatJames said...

Whoa, must have been quite a scare. Glad she's getting better.

chin12 said...

Hope ur cute Suzzane is getting better soon~
Keep blogging~ Enjoyed reading it ^^