Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No more baby talk

This post was originally written by Mrs B but I tambah'd a lot of belacan, heh!

"One Saturday morning...

Belacans and I had just sent Suzanne to her weekly ballet class and were getting ready to drive home but our little SueAnne was taking her own sweet time to sit on the babychair at the back of the car.

(The B Man said - Yeah, don't this little girl know that Mummy must go home and cook lunch or else her Tubby Daddy will faint from hunger? hehehe :P)

But since it was just a short drive through the neighbourhood, I decided not to strap her in and asked SueAnne to get into the car. At 2.5 years old, she can already clamber up and seat herself properly in the babychair. She is, after all, born in the year of the Monkey. More stories on her monkeying around later. ;)

But little SueAnne wasn't interested in sitting on the babychair and as I was about to remind her on this, she nonchalantly said in clear audible English,"Sheet town per list? Zen Q", and plonked herself into the babychair.

My mind did a double take. Hey, I was supposed to say that! Gosh, my girl can already read my disciplining mind. They sure grow up fast.

(The B Man said - And yeah, must also thank God that Hubby Tubby does not swear/curse at home. Can't have them picking up flowery words from me, right? Who says a woman can't change her man? :D)"

-Mrs B -


dobbs said...

So cute! They sure do grow up fast don't they?

mrs b said...

i need my own blog, i dont recognise 98% of the text form.

Pinky said...

you need to teach Mr B how to cook *lol*.

mrs b said...

dobbs: I have just recovered...we enjoy her toddlish a lot but kinda wonder when will she learn to talk properly

pinky: yup, one man's belacan is another's vomit

Mama22Beas said...

Hehe cute...but I had to read it loud to get it!

mrs b said...

mama23beas: yea, toddlish is really funny, but have to restrain from laughing out loud, else they go shy and will not repeat the words