Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sleeping alone

{This post is written by Mrs B}

Suzanne had persistently said no when I tried to talk her into sleeping without me in her own room for weeks/months? now. One night, as we were watching Rollie Ollie – the one with Zoe battling the under the bed monsters for the umpteenth repeat times, Suzanne suddenly voiced out that Zoe sleeps alone in her room? Yes, Zoe (the baby) does, and does Suzanne thinks she can manage sleeping alone in her room now? Well, not alone but with Suanne. Yes, of course with Suanne. …Mmmm….OK…

Yes! She finally bucked up enough courage to sleep alone, and this comes from a six year old who dares not walk up the 2nd level without me (my fault for scaring her with scary tales to sleep when young, another story I feel too ashamed to be told). Yay! Didn’t think there’ll be such a day that I appreciate Playhouse Disney as this!

SueAnne's turn
Over dinner a couple of days later. Suanne, can you sleep alone with che che?
Looking at me solemnly, she firmly shook her head. Hmmm. What to do with her. Suzanne who witnessed the exchange came over to whisper into my ear, mummy I know what to do, you just bf her until she doze off and then you cabut to daddy’s room, all this while Suanne was still blur blur looking at us. Hmmm…of course I was going to do that, but Suzanne turning into my partner in crime?

Good idea Suzanne, but you shouldn’t be whispering like that in front of your sis, you two should always work together.

Hehe, trying to instill loyalty to each other at that impossible age when your siblings are the most irritating person alive.

- Mrs B -


Papi said...

yay!! ahem...freedom again for Mr and Mrs B!! ;)

Mama22Beas said...

Seriously I start to envy both of you already. With another baby coming, it may be another at least 4 years to get that freedom.
Bea1 always get excited over having a room meant only for her and her sisters also by watching Playhouse...but for playing only, sleep still under her ketiak papa;).

Pinky said...

is the production of a male heir of paramount importance in Chinese culture in this day and age? You shouldn't feel pressured by this or by Mr B.... *lol*

mrs b said...

papi: not really, Mr B is now sleeping alone in our room, the girls have been taking turns getting chicken pox and flu and I was not getting proper rest having to wake up to check a few times in a night, so I am still camping at the girls room.

mama23beas: the trick is to convince the elder one, hopefully she can be the bandleader. you'll probably score three at one go in no time :)

pinky: hehe, I gave up already. whateverla. tbh, there was pressure, my mom always stressed the importance of boys and it rubbed on me. but i kinda made peace with my lot, the two of them are a real joy and now to pray for good (read: compliant) SILs, then I can have the girls all back to myself, if I play it right ;) ~ evil ~

Papi said...

Oh my..this is the 'sick season', with the hot weather and all. Me, Mami and Yiyi have been taking turn getting sick also.

Take care and ....
San Nien Chun Pou! San Thai Keen Horng!!

Mae said...

Wow congrats. I shudder to think how I am going to convince my son to sleep alone. Must get tips from PHD:)

mrs b said...

papi: thanks and health is wealth indeed. San Nien Fai Lok!

mae: actually we are quite slow, didn't happen till Suzanne turned seven. And then Suanne will come crying over to our room if she wakes up in the middle of the night without me.

simon said...

happy new year to mr. & mrs. B and the two girls!

5xmom said...

Mr& Mrs B Suzanne and Suanne!
Gong hei fatt choy! May the Lord showers you blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous CNY!

dylan86 said...

Happy CNY to the Belacans.

May god bless you with a prosperous and joyous year ahead

mrs b said...

simon, 5xmom and dylan: Thank you, gong xi, gong xi to all. B is out of action for the next ten days at least. I'll leave it to him to tell all, if and when he's up to it.