Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rocker baby

On the way home from a wedding dinner, the Belacan family was caught in a traffic crawl somewhere in Sri Kembangan. It was already 10.30pm and the two girls are having a brawl at the back seat, whilst still seated in their own baby chairs! Arrghh!

Mrs B was trying in vain to defuse the World War 3 at the back of the car, and like all diplomatic spats, it started just because of one single object of desire and in my girls case, an old Motorola Talkabout handphone. Yes, let me say it again.... arrrghhhh!

So, what's a daddy to do? I turned up the volume on the car stero playing Hillsong's Mighty To Save. This is quite a rocky album. I then started to swing my head in rhythm with the beat from left to right like a bad ass rocker. The girls started laughing and giggling. Whoopee! Caught their attention already. Mrs B was already looking at me with a ??? look.

I said, "Time to give them something else to do, dear. This is going to be a long trip home. The cars are not moving! Let's worship together, yeah baby!"

And with that, we sang and sang and sang. The revelation of the day is not Suzanne. We already knew that she can sing. It's baby SueAnne!

Looks like baby SueAnne will become a natural rocker chic. She was shouting and screaming to the tune and lyrics until her voice was coarse and coughing intermittently! Not only that, she was also shaking her head like a headbanger! Mind you, SueAnne is only 2.5 years old.

"Dear, I think I just created a rocker chic. SueAnne is definitely going for guitar lessons. No ballet classes for her like Suzanne, heh!"

"What did you say?" and proceeded giving me the stare of death, plus her fingers about to tear into my fat thigh.

"Nothing, nothing. Say, are you recording all these shouting on your handphone?" -_-""

And with that, Mrs B recorded SueAnne scream singing like a rocker babe for about 3 minutes. We finally reached home 45 minutes later. By then, Suzanne was laughing her head off at SueAnne. "Daddy, SueAnne is sooo funny and cute!"

And SueAnne? Well, she was smiling broadly and sweetly but her voice was already coarse like a rocker chic.

Belacans says... "Hmm, shall the Belacans replace the Osmonds and Jacksons? hehehe"

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Gene Lim said...

YAh!!!!...SueAnne ROCKS!!! :)