Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SueAnne, the Fashionista

SueAnne is a girl.

SueAnne is a 2 year old toddler.

SueAnne can't even speak a proper sentence yet.

SueAnne is just starting go without diapers i.e. must shee-shee in potty.

For such a young child, how the heck, or how is it possible, that she can have SHOE fetish and CLOTHES preference?

Cerita 1:
After bathing, if Mrs B, my mom or even myself took a tee or a pants that she doesn't want, she will let out a disapproving cry, kick a fuss, flail her hands and legs and would just not let us wear that tee or pants on her. The only way out is to let her choose her own clothes, then only she will allow us to put them on for her. After we have done that, she will normally smile sweetly at us, tap tap her tummy (tee) and legs (pants) and say, "leng leng!" meaning "pretty clothes"... seriously!

Cerita 2:
We are all going out (shopping, church, whatever), so SueAnne needs to wear shoes. Again, you have to let her choose her shoes! The more dainty looking it is, with flowers and all things sweet, and soft pastel colours, the more she likes it. And to top it off, she wants to wear it herself and then walk a few steps (like a fashion show) and then say, "leng leng". How?

And when at the shopping centres, the toughest place to drag her away from... you guessed it. It's the baby shoes section! Arrrghhhh!!! What is it with girls and shoes? Must I buy a shoe cabinet for her? (Thank goodness Mrs B is not into shoes so much, heh!)

Cerita 3:
Don't let baby SueAnne see or reach for any face/body lotion or cosmetic stuff. She will insist on reaching for them and putting/wiping on her face and body. Again, "leng leng!". Once, she stole my mom's "Deep Heat" and wiped on her neck. CRY CRY CRY! CRY CRY CRY! At that point in time, I don't know whether I felt more sorry or "justice has been done" for her.

Yup, definitely looks like baby SueAnne is starting young... very very young! Are all girls like this? I hope the boys don't come so soon. Now, where's that SENAPANG GAJAH of mine?

Belacans says.... "You wanna date my girl? See this Sarawakian parang? It's name is Bugau. If you don't bring her back by 9pm, and in good condition... Bugau is gonna pay you a visit, KAPISH?"


Wingz said...

haha this one misti learnt from daddy wan!!! lol

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Yalor....got your genes la, got good taste somemore.

Gene Lim said...

hahahah oh my gosh...soo lovely adorable gal! well, a gal has to do what a gal has to do ;)
so daddy has to start sweating early huhh ;)

mumsgather said...

I wonder last time you court Mrs B dat time you got kena chase by Bugau anot? Hehe.

domesticgoddess said...

bwahahaha! she sure starts young... eh, not only buy beds lah, have to buy a shoe cabinet for her too! maybe you can get more discounts!! :P

Belacan said...

wingz: aiyoh, 2 year old. teach poo-poo also susah ler :P

Lilian: bwahahaha! now you sound like Mrs B, heh!

genelim: i thot that can wait until the pre-teens age... why I kena so early one ar? heh!

MG: That time we all >25 years old liao, so no Bugau. But ask me about my teenage years.. ahem! cough cough!

dG: hah! you just wait! nanti your girl also same boat, hehehe ;)

oliviasy said...

hehe. a girl's gotta do wat a girl's gotta do XD

Papi said...

yalar, my one also like that. Must choose the cloths and shoes when going out. Sumore can match colors wan wor.