Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Love Triangle

This cerita is dedicated to Jack.

Two doors away, there's this cute little boy who is 6 years old, same age as my Suzanne. That's Jack. Sometimes when I come home and he's outside the house, Jack would call out to me:

Uncle Buaya! How are you?
I am good. How are you Jack?
Good! Where is Suzanne?
Oh, she's inside the house.

OK, if that conversation is just once off, fine. But if it recurs almost everytime I see him and for the PAST 2 YEARS.... well, I get the drift. But Jack, man to boy, my Suzanne is just not interested in you, kapish? Why, you ask? That's because Suzanne has the hots for ANOTHER BOY!

Meet Dick, a fellow bloggers son. The first instance I saw Dick, a 5 year old boy, I said to myself, "This fella is damn handsome! Got the best of his dad and mom's genes (mixed parentage)". And you know what? Suzanne likes Dicky! She will be on her best behaviour in front of Dicky, lakun demure demure, there's no "Woi! That's my toy!" kind of jerit jerit. And if my blogger friend came over without Dick, Suzanne will ask me where little Dicky is.... women! And how is Dicky taking to all these attention? I asked his daddy and he said, "This fella... All the young kiddo girls wants to be by his side but he's just so blur!" Bwahahahaha!

So Jack, that's the reality of things. You like a girl, but the girl likes another boy, but that boy doesn't even know that girl exists. Sad right? Oh well, it's good that you learn this at such a young age. Remember Jack, you are going to STANDARD ONE next year. Lot's more girls there, but you will also learn that there are lot's more handsome boys than you!


Belacans says... "I am so evil" :D


Gene Lim said...

hahaa... yup that's life i guess... well i wonder MR B learned this experience before huh? ;)

Egghead said...

man! they are really starting young huh!

domesticgoddess said...

my my my! first is with shoes, next love triangle pulak! bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wah so young so guys coming after her edi..must be a hottie!

Can't comment on non beta blogger

zbjernak said...

guessed suzanne likes dick

well as u said, this is life, boy like girl, girl like other boy, boy like other girl.. non stop

Belacan said...

gene lim: ahem *cough cough* :D

egghead: ya, especially in co-ed schools. Std 2 already boyfriend - girlfriend!

dG: looking into my crystal ball, I see the next hot item is HANDPHONE! yikes!

sasha: sharpening my parang already, muahahahar!

zbjernak: *dush*! :P

atiza said...

well..at least he tried..
with persistence and patience..who knows..

uncle buaya..don't be like that..tak rock ar!

Anonymous said...

I have some bad news for Suzanne. Dick is getting lots of attention from this absolutely adorable American-Chinese girl in his school. She sits next to him, cleans crumbs from his shirt, gets him a drink, wipes the sweat from his hair with her scarf.

Buaya69 said...

anon: looks like Dicky has daddy's charm :P