Monday, September 04, 2006

The Girls Room

I have been busy at home on Merdeka day and over the weekend. In the process I have perspirated buckets of sweat, wearing only my boxer shorts and a white singlet with holes. Err, not exactly a nice image for my girls right? Abuden, someone's got to do the job.

Finally got my arse off the lazy chair (and Astro) and cleared up the 2nd room upstairs. Firstly, I dismantled the steel upper deck bed with attached study table below and then reassembled it in the study room. Shifted all the boxes with books, files, unused lamps, etc etc etc - you name it, sure ada mya... all into the study room also. Right now, my study is OVER FLOWING with boxes, dang.

Anyway, for all the hardwork, the 2nd room is now the GIRLS room. A nice bed by the window for Suzanne, a study table in the middle, an Ikea closet like bookshelf, a converted baby cot bed for SueAnne, table lamp for soft lighting, so much so Mrs B said, "Wah, quite cosy eh?". The best part is Suzanne said, "Daddy, please come to MY ROOM and help me (whatever)..." Yes! Finally got the girls to vacate daddy and mummy's room, hehehehe!

But Houston, we've got a problem. Last night, 2 year old baby SueAnne was asking, "bed bed bed? bed! bed! bed!". Aiyak! It looks like she does not want her cot bed but a real bed! Oi! Like this also got ar? Since when a 2 year old can demand such things? The baby books never teach me this leh.... I want my money back!

Things to do before Christmas:
  • Buy two IDENTICAL beds for the girls - no need to fight, ya hear?
  • Paint the room PINK. This is Suzanne's request, well, maybe one feature wall lar. What do you think?
Will post some pics AFTER I have painted the room. And now, since Mrs B and I have the master bedroom to ourselves again, ahem.....

Belacans says... "Boss, buy 2 beds got big discount ah? Can lar!"


MisSmall said...

All little girls want a pink bedroom. I say go with it. Make them happy little princesses. :)

viewtru said...

You may want to check the size of the room before doing pink. A small room in pink will look dark and dingy. A safer alternative is to use white with a pastel pinkish hue. Check ICI colour charts on 'Off whites' or 'Pastel whites'. The painted wall will usually end up looking darker than the colour chart.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Heh, don't be too sure. Two left (to sleep in their own room), later one more come, how? Talking from experiences lah!

mama bok said...

What a good daddy you are .. Mr B..!! and congrats for moving the gals outta your room..!! hehehe!! Now got more time with Mrs B.. kekekkeke!!

Belacan said...

missmall: aiyoh, what is it with girls and pink ah? ini semua must be Barbie doll mya doing, heh!

viewtru: yup, agree 100% with you. I had in mind to use the off-white range. thanks for the input bro.

5xMom: we'll cross the bridge (bedroom) when we come to that. in the mean time, enjoy first, think later, hehehe

MamaBok: more time means more stance, muahahahar! now, where did i keep that kamasutra book? :P

Gene Lim said...

Wohoo! more time for Mrs B now ;) :)
maybe a little bro for the lovely gals ;) hehehehe

Chief said...

my youngest just moved out of my room as well. now my room's spacious and quiet.