Monday, September 25, 2006

Trip to Aquaria on Mrs B's birthday

One Sunday morning, it was Mrs B's birthday, and we took the girls to KLCC Aquaria. Cost me RM78 for two adults (RM28 x 2) and one kid (RM22). I think the Sunday crowd was just nice. Why? No school tours! Not that I am anti-school kiddos but the thought of having to fight for viewspace and baby stroller space with lotsa lotsa school kiddos running and shouting excitedly... gimme a panadol, heh!

Actually, I think I was the bigger kiddo and enjoyed it all thoroughly. I may go back there again and just slowly enjoy all the display tanks. Suzanne enjoyed it too but got creepy at the spider displays.

Mummy look! Tortoise! I want I want I want! :P

How about Baby Sue Anne? Well, she was pretty cool about all the fishes, that is until we went into the tunnel! She was really afraid when one of the sharks was swimming just above the glass tunnel. I think it must be the huge size of that shark and not the SHARP teeth ;)

I took a few photos and video with my now ol' Canon Ixus 40. And "compliant" me, I obeyed their NO FLASH photography at the tanks, unlike all the other Ah Bengs, Samy's, Mat Rocks, and the MidE tourists who just flash flash flash away. Because of that, instead of "Say cheese.. ", I was doing "OK, DON'T MOVE! *click*". All in all, it was a good trip for the family.

And did I buy anything for Mrs B's birthday? The truth is "not yet". Still saving for it, ahem!

Belacans says..."Dear, can we have a small fish tank at home? ahem..."


domesticgoddess said...

May I suggest, Tiffany's? kekekekz...

Mama22Beas said...

Happy belated b'day to Rach;). I believe you all used MyKads and MyKids, we used old ICs kena RM100+.
Now, must seriously plan to collect the kids' MyKids, to have another trip to Aquaria.

Buaya69 said...

dG: ouch! :P

mama: thanks! and, yes, Mr Kedekut here definitely used MyKad :D

Papi said...

I went and 'ride' the tunnel 3 times, man. LOL!