Friday, September 01, 2006

How happy was this Merdeka and budget?

Maybe Merdeka was felt more by the very young and the very old, but as for me and a number of buddies nearing 40s and with a young family to feed, this Merdeka sure was a depressing one. Why so? A sample of our conversation…

"Aiyak, budget day tomorrow (today)… cigs and liquor sure naik one, damn!"
[Latest: excise duty for cigs raised by 1 sen/stick and hard liquor by RM5/liter]

"Aiyak your head! Minyak more like it. Gabermen sure decrease petrol and diesel subsidy one!"

"Ya lor… see this roti canai and tea tarik? Harga already naik also…"

"Wait ler, interest rate sure naik one. It’s just a matter of time. You guys better pay off that housing loan and OD….It’s gonna be more expensive to buy a car also. HP interest may naik again…"

"Savings? What savings? Bring family out for a day will easily take RM100 off my wallet! You think feeding family cheap cheap ar?"

"Wah, if people like you also slow down on consumption… our economy sure diu lor!"

"F*ck, don’t spread your depression can or not, KNN! Go buy a few small flags, give to your kids and let them wave it, dius!"

"High salary? My foot! Most of it goes to income tax lar. Tengok tengok on payslip only. Worse, my cost so high I can kena lay-off also, sniff sniff…"

"Promotion? Dream on ler. My kulitfikasi not qualified ler... dunno how to angkat also, sigh..."

"You think self-employed manyak syiok ar? I go gila trying to pay salary every month. Want to get working capital loan also susah... cry cry cry..."

Belacan says…"Yah, happy happy Merdeka…"

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Wingz said...

I share your sorrow brader!