Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Yo-Yo Show

Oh man! Since starting this job in December'05, I have less and less time to blog. Darn. So many Belacan Family blog entries have gone down the e-drain. Sigh... Oh well, here's one for posterity.

I seriously can't recall how this started. Maybe Mrs B was having some problems getting our 2 naughty and active girls to sleep. Maybe the girls have been asking for it. I don't exactly know right now. Call me a blur sotong dad, if you want, but I seriously can't recall! arrgh!

Anyway, it's been about a month now. Almost every night before the girls go to bed, I will give them a super yo-yo show. In front of me, laying on the bed is the 3 most beautiful ladies in my life, Mrs B, Suzanne and SueAnne. The will just lay on their stomach, and watch me do my yo-yo thingy. The room lights are off and zzzznnnggg! goes the yo-yo. The dazzling coloured lights from the yo-yo will illuminate their faces and SueAnne will giggle the most.

Alas, the only trick I know is "The Spinner" and "Walk-the-dog". Looks like I gotta learn more yo-yo tricks if I want to keep them beauties occupied. On googling, I was glad to find and download Duncan Yo-Yo Lesson Planner.

Hmm, maybe this is a good time to invest in a super-duper yo-yo, yeah baby!


IMMomsDaughter said...

Phewwwett! What a cool dad :)

lucia said...

wah! the lucky 3 beauties always have a yoyo show to watch before calling it a night. great!

anyway, wouldn't learning how to play yoyo on the web (reading) quite difficult? i always thought it's better/easier to have an instructor to teach/show you live how to do it.

lucia said...

oops. why my link no come out.

Papi said...

aiya, I dun believe lar, u make a video and put it here lar... :)

Belacan said...

immomsdaughter: cool? no ler, i am HOT DADDY, nyak ak ak!

Lucia: hey lucia! ahem, have you seen any 40yo daddy swinging a yo-yo in public? kiddos sure feel "strange" teaching an uncle wan, heh!

papi: you dun trust me meh? come, we go mamak!