Thursday, July 06, 2006

Awana Kijal revisited, but this is the last of it!

The whole Belacan family went for our annual pilgrimage to the sands of Kijal. This time, we took my mom along thus Mrs B got us two rooms with connecting doors.

This is our 4th visit since 2004 and we promised to take things easy. No more rushing here and there but just to relax. The beach was good. Very private. The nearest person to us was about 100m away.

Suzanne enjoyed the baby pool very much but our little daredevil baby SueAnne has just turned into a scardycat baby... tak mau go into the baby pool! Cry cry cry. Ok lar, hence Mrs B had to take her back into the room leaving me and Suzanne. Shucks, and I was hoping to spend some pool time with Mrs B. *sulk sulk sulk*

But today, I wanna complain banyak banyak. We would not go back to Awana Kijal for a long long time because our rooms had small lipas crawling around the bathroom and pantry area! Urghh! After paying for 4 room nights, we don't expect to see lipas here and there. They freaked out my girls, naturally.

Complained to the front desk, and asked for a change of room but they don't have anymore rooms with connecting doors. Damn. So they sent maintenance to spray the place with insecticide. Now we get to smell insecticide, great... But the lipas persisted and soon we saw them crawling again. The worse was at night. I didn't tell Mrs B or the girls that I felt a few crawling over my hand, arms, neck... ewwwww!

Ya, except for the lipas, the place is super relaxing coz "boh kang cho". When I checked out, I wrote my complaints on the feedback form. That was about 4 weeks ago, and I have yet to hear from Awana Kijal's management. Sigh....

Belacans says... "Small ka-chak betul-betul spoiler!"


mama bok said...

What a bummer..! i would have screamed blue murder.. and insist on an upgrade..!!

Egghead said...

oh man! those lipas really a party spoiler huh?!

Buaya69 said...

mama: ya, i should have done that hor, damn! why am I such a polite Malaysian in times like this? dius! :P

egghead: ya, lor. potong stim only ;)

Greenapple said...

oh i cannot believe on what happened! that's awana for crying out loud!

better luck next time ...

lucia said...

my god! ka-chak crawling around? and on your hands too? goodness graciouse me! i wouldn't dare to sleep with 'em ka-chak around. ka-chak is my worst enemy! i am very scared of them.

methink this will put me off staying in awana.

domesticgoddess said...

eeeewwwww... what a spoiler!

Gene Lim said...

ka chak?? u gotta be kidding me...? hmm... should asked for a refund or something??

well, everyone will feel relax whenever they bo kang cho maa..hehehe :)

mummyof2 said...

You will not get any response from Awana for sure!

We've had the same 'lipas and rodents' experience at Awan Genting apartment sharing bread with us 2 years ago and had telephoned and faxed the complaints on the feedback form 3 times to the Customer service director in KL office, until today we have not heard from him or whoever from that office!!

Leez said...

yucksss!!! I HATE LIPAS!!!

no seriously, i'm extremely phobic of lipas.

if i open a room's door, and see one running across it, u'll bet i won't enter the room.

even if it's a bathroom n i really need to go. suddenly i don't have to go anymore.

teruk kan?

Las montaƱas said...

wow.. crawlies again. squash them like an ant!!!

Papi said...

just whack them with ur slippers ler LOL! the customer service I mean, not the lipas.

U sure it's the lipas and not Mrs B, crawling on your neck..ahem..? kih kih kih

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Happy Belated Birthday to SueAnne dude!!!