Friday, April 14, 2006

Skool wan or too?

Belacans working hard at his desk, which normally involves sipping coffee and eyeing SYT colleagues around him.. *cough cough*, and then suddenly "toot toot"...

B: Hello?

Mrs B: Dear, busy ar?

B: errr... yah, veeeerrryyyy busy. Wazzup? *sips coffee*

Mrs B: Ask you ar, should we put Suzanne into School 1 or 2 next year?

B: Err, what's the difference? Apart from them being located far from each other and that School 2 is newer...?

Mrs B: I want to put her into the afternoon class, since it's her first year at school. Maybe the afternoon session should be better for her to get used to school.

B: Neh... take it from my experience. No difference wan. Morning or afternoon session, will still sleep like a dog.

Mrs B: Oi! This is our daughter we are talking about, not the lazy husband I married!

B: OK OK! Peace! Err.... I prefer the original school.

Mrs B: Why? Shouldn't the newer school be better?

B: Well, I don't like where the new school is located. Have you been there?

Mrs B: No lah

B: OK, I bring you there this weekend, then we decide, OK?

Mrs B: OK, lub you.

B: Bye *click*

There... one more domestic issue cleverly solved (or postponed) by Belacans. I hope my girl don't grow up and asked "Why you put me in this school? I hate this school!". Die...

Belacans says... "mmmm, my coffee tastes particularly good this morning."


domesticgoddess said...

Belacans: mmmm, my coffee tastes particularly good this morning.
hahah! must be because there's hot SYT(s) lingering around :P... *run away fast fast*

Mama22Beas said...

You mean you have not register Suzanne? Still got place kah? My babysitter asked me to register Bea1 (4yrsold) anytime soon...takut no more place in that particular school.

Gene Lim said...

SYT? what is that? coffee taste good...hehehh u sure do love coffee huh :)

Belacan said...

dG: you dun know meh? SYTs find men who loves their coffee alluring, bwahahaha!

Mama: registered liao, but now thinking of another school. fickled minded parents me girls have, hehehe

genelim: i love them both, burrrp! :P

zbjernak said...

environment is important, u dont want to be stuck in traffic jam...
or some dangerous neighbourhood...

established school is good.. at least established mah.. hehehe

oh yah... i think u r right, 1 or 2 , no big deal, clever student go anywhere also ok.... ahhahahahha

fooDcrazEE said...

thats a diff choice aint it

cyber-red said...

i miss schoolsssss lol

eagleOK said...

Belacans!!!! come on!!! update ur blogs! what are office-stuck bored ppl like mua to do without ma daily dose of belacan??