Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Lost

These 2 weeks have been bad. It's so bad that I have lost my car keys, my favourite and irreplaceable sunglasses and just yesterday, my house keys! and made worse because that was the original keys set, aarrrgghhhh!!! @#$%!

More bad news. My trousers are getting tighter - all of them! Sometimes I think I am just working to buy new pants every half of the year.... Hence my action plan - just joined Fitness First on 31 March. Bad news? Yet to step into FF and it's already mid-April! @#$%! I think I will go to FF tomorrow morning and work our some sweat (which is very easy for me, heh!) before I start the day's work. Will there be hotbabes? Laporan selanjutnya dalam saluran Buaya69, muahahahar!

Good news. Lil' SueAnne is clinging to me so ever lovingly. Whenever I reach home, she will ask for me to carry her around, resting her head on my shoulders. Hehehe, I guess I am the "Flavour of the Month" to baby SueAnne and I better enjoy the moment. And is Mrs B jealous? Not at all... actually I think she welcomed the distraction, hehehe

Suzanne is growing up too quickly. By 2007, she will be in Standard 1. How time flies...

Two nights ago, Suzanne found Mrs B's secret stash of soft toys - 3 Ikea size plastic bags full! You can imagine her joy! So as she was playing with her Winnie the Pooh characters soft toys, I asked for Eeyore, said that I wanted to bring that to office. She looked at me in the eye, not sure what to do for two minutes, then said "Take Tigger. Got two Tigger mah!" and smiled so ever innocently. Man, when did she learnt to negotiate? Hehehe. So I pun mau main negotiate, and said no, daddy only wants Eeyore. Realising that daddy is so hard headed, Suzanne ran to Mrs B in the kitchen and said "Daddy wants Eeyore! Dowan Tigger!" - bwahahahaha! Kids.

Belacans says... "Eeyore is so me - the donkey! bwahahaha"

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Gene Lim said...

aweeeeeeeeee that is soo cute... suprisingly they do know how to bargain huh ;)