Monday, February 20, 2006

Call me Daddy

I like my girls to call me Daddy. Don't ask me why, I just like the sound of "Daddy". More manja, hehehe.

Suzanne calls me Daddy. Good girl. Mrs B wants Suzanne to call her Mama but because of me, Suzanne now calls Mrs B "Mummy" instead. For this, I get minus minus points in Mrs B's book, which for your information, her supercomputer upstairs can recall yearssssss from now! *gulps*

So for baby SueAnne, I thought I can redo my trick. Sadly, Mrs B is way ahead of me. Somehow she has conditioned baby SueAnne to mispronouce Daddy into "Dede". Not very flattering. If I ask SueAnne to call me Papa, wahlah! she can say Papa correctly.

Dang. Ok lar, the score is 1 - 1. So I lost "Daddy". Maybe I can still influence baby SueAnne to call Mrs B "Mummy" instead of "Mama", muahahahahar! But then, I value my cooked dinners and ahem ahem more.... :D


Belacans says.... "I learnt from Animal Planet, never ever get in between a mother and her child... *sweat sweat*" ;)


Egghead said...

you value food more than anything else hor? LOL!

Buaya69 said...

egghead: good food and sex, never missed, hehehe :P

maria @ twinsmom said...

yah, becareful... we pounce on whoever get in between hehehe... anyway, Isabelle pounce on me too if I get too close to her daddy *sigh*...

zbjernak said...

1 call daddy, 1 call papa

but anyway...
sooner or later...
i believe they will merged
or paddy

paddy sounds good

domesticgoddess said...

:P I still like papa and mama anytime!!! luckily hubbys listens to me muahahahar!

yanz said...

hey, have u been to Pulau Gemia before? what is it like? I'm looking for somewhere to go for honeymoon, wondering if Pulau Gemia is nice... thanks ;)

Leez said...

what's wrong with "mummy"?

i like it. it's sooo manja! :)

Yuen Li said...

Personally, I think "mummy" is cuter than "mama". :)

S-Kay said...

I call my dad "papa", "daddy" and "dee"

Papa - Normal conversation
Daddy - When wanna ask for something (especially when it involves $$$)

and lastly,

Dee - When I need to yell on top of my lungs to get his attention

I can never call my mom "mama" coz when translated into Thai, it's calling your mom a horse. Hahaha.

Belacan said...

maria: wah, looks like Isabelle is becoming daddy's girl ;)

zbjernak: paddy??? bro, me no Irish ler, hehehe

dG: hehehe, wait till i influence your hubby, muahahahar!

yanz: wah, last i went P. Gemia was in 1997. will email you later.

leez: *high five*!

yuenli: definitely, especially when they whine for something, hehehe

S-Kay: ooo, mama sounds like horse in Thai? waaaa, how appropriate! this one only hubby can call, bwahahaha! *runs and hide* :P

Ayah said...

If i have two girls, i'll let them call me anything they want... horse also can...