Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday to Suzanne

Man, my last post was almost a month ago! Sorry sorry, been busy lar ;)

Today is Suzanne's 6th birthday, but we celebrated it earlier over the weekend with a cake at my in-laws house last Sunday. The cake was a small half kg but it tasted oh so yummy, burrrpp!

Even earlier, on the second day of Chinese New Year, we took an opportunity to drive along the super smooth roads of PJ to Ikea. We arrived early, very early as in 10.30am when the store just opened. I took the family for an unhurried brunch at Ikea's Swedish Restaurant, enjoying the moment of familyness and peacefulness. We only left the restaurant an hour later. Talk about just lazing around, hehe.

Suzanne loves to play at Ikea's kids playcentre, and at times even craves for it! In terms of ranking, Suzanne ranked Ikea much, much, much higher than McDonalds. Yes, that's the honest truth. We only found this out when earlier in the day, I wanted to have a McD breakfast thinking she would like it but noooo.... she insisted that we head straight for Ikea! *smacks forehead*

Link to Ikea Store

Back to Ikea and Suzanne's birthday, we bought an early birthday present at Ikea. It was a wooden train set with wooden tracks. I also bought an expansion set of tracks just to spice it up. IIRC, it cost me about RM70 - RM80 for them. Suzanne LURRRVE'd the train set. She would bring out the alphabet blocks, dolls and teddy bears and all other knick knack toys to create a train city.

But much to Suzanne's annoyance, baby SueAnne also loved the train set. Why? Because baby kept playing the role of Godzilla... bwahahahaha!

But truely, guess which kid played more choo choo? hehehe :D

Belacans says... "hmmm, dear? I think it's time we buy another expansion kit for the train set. chuga chuga chuga woo woooooo!"


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Happy sweet six to Suzanne.

And hands off their toys, Mr B! Tsk.

Mama BoK said...

Happy birthday .. dear Suzanne.

CrazyGrr| said...

Happy Birthday to Suzanne!!

domesticgoddess said...

Happy Birthday SuZanne!

Egghead said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!
enjoy the train!!

Papi said...

Happy Birthday, Suzanne!

how about a full set of electric train, eh Buaya?? chooo chooo...

Chief said...

i wanted to buy the same choo choo train set too but no excuse, my children don't like to play with it. :(

Mama22Beas said...

haiya, Mr B...we got more things in common la. First, yes Ikea is ranked the highest by the 3 girls (one is not the baby, it's the mother, ok;).
Secondly, Bea1 'smuggled' that train set on one of the trips there. Hubby found it in the stroller basket at the carpark, no wonder she had no problem leaving the place that day. Hubby had to return to pay for it.
I was a bit annoyed first but, her b'day was about two weeks away. So that was her early b'day present, and it was not bad as hubby paid for it;). But we never got to create a train city yet, soon maybe!
Anyway, Happy B'day to Suzanne!

dobbs said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne! :)

viewtru said...

Happy burfday Suzanne. Remember to ask daddy for angpow!

zbjernak said...

pity suzanne
first have to fence off baby
then daddy...

cant she have a rest?

real annoying leh..when godzilla came...
hit her, godzilla cry, mommy come, suzanne kena, dont hit her, the train might end up in godzilla's mouth.

hahahahhaha...but suzanne could play in her room..no?

Jason said...

Happy birthday Suzanne. :-)

Suzanne, you should ask for Barbie Dolls instead so that your daddy cannot play it. :P

Lucia Lai said...

the biggest kid in the house plays the choo-choo the most! hehe.

belated birthday greeting to suzanne.

Che-Cheh said...

Happy Belated Birthday Suzanne. :)

Belacan said...

dear all,
on behalf of Suzanne, thank you all for your best wishes.

papi: electric trains? wahlaueh, itu manyak mahal lar. the engine can easily cost you RM200!

chief: no problem. how about PS2? hehehe

mama22beas: kakaka! you too? chewah! great kids think alike hor? ;)

viewtru: new generation don't ask for angpow ler. they just point and ask you to play with credit card! ouch :P